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Tito's Handmade Vodka

My absolute favorite vodka! As smooth as mothers milk!..I drink it straight and warm in a cognac glass, so smooth there is no need to chill it. An absolute sin to use as a mixer in my house, and at a very reasonable price, definetely handsdown the best vodka for your money..only thing smoother is Shustoff (yes with two "f"'s not the Shustov with a "v" but impossible to find

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Normally I'm not a fan of flavoured vodkas but this stuff is Fantastic! just a hint of the Bison Grass flavor in it, doesn't over power the excellent vodka it's made with like most other flavoured vodkas. The light grassy taste and aroma adds beautifully to the drinking experience. Even in the middle of winter, every time I have a sip, it mentaly brings me out into the middle of a country grassy field . very soothing, I find that the flavor is almost addictive.Love the stuff!

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Shustoff Luxury Vodka

Unbelievable Ukrainian vodka!Absolutely the smoothest sipping vodka I have ever tasted!...It has an almost syropy texture in the glass. All I can say is "smooth smooth smooth" yet still has a wonderfull light flavor! I Drink it at room temperature to enjoy the full quality of this vodka... It is however VERY difficult to find. If you see it, buy the stores stock out, you will not be dissapointed

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

I used to LOVE Tito's for years! It wasn't available in Quebec so i used to have to drive to Ontario or the USA to get it. I've probably drank 30 bottles in my life and loved everyone, putting it up against anything else and it always won...but haven't had it for 3-4 years. Now available in Quebec but expensive. But I decided to buy one anyway for old times sake. It has definitely changed! much more harsh and less smooth than before. bitter in fact! This is not the Tito's I knew...Back to Russian Standard I go...

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a step above drinking gazoline!..A perfect example of "Big Money Marketing" making a bad product popular with the uninformed masses through relentless advertising. definetely the Budweiser of Vodkas..stay away, there are so many better vodkas for the price, there is no need to buy this swill!

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