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For a vodka purist, this stuff is among the very best. It is a first rate Wheat based vodka, with an essence of groung wheat berrys and a slight sweetness. Smooth, and pleasantly complex. Straight or on the rocks, I put this one on the top shelf with all of the super super primos.

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Russian Standard

I like a vodka that I can taste and savor. This one has a very appealing nose, and is smooth yet loaded with mouth feel. Enjoy this one with about five minutes of ice melt, and the flavor opens up, winter grains, wheatberrys and soft water. Big and round, with a slight vanilla sweetness. Clean finish, pleasant, warm feel, Not hot, and no burn. A Big- Classic Russian Vodka.

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Smirnoff Black

This is a crowd pleaser. The bottle is eye catching in a art deco kinda way. The Vodka itself is flavorful with ample flavors of Wheat. Not as smooth as some completely neutral brands, but pleasantly complex and very nice.

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Teton Glacier

I really loked the smoothnes and over all body and taste of this vodka. One drawback is the nose, very ethyl alcohol smelling. Apart from that, nice viscosity and a neutral flavored body. It is a clean tasting, makes a good martini, and some of my freinds are almost 'cultish' when I have it out.

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The nose is somewhat complex and interesting in a pleasing way. Sraight up it has a burn on the gills and can light a fire in your rice bag, but on the rocks with a moment or two of ice melt this stuff delivers a complex and wheat based full flavored experience. Several hinting flavors, slight sweetness, good mineral water, wintery grains, mouth filling and not much aftertaste. A classic Vodka, a KNOWN bottle. Very clean on the body as well, no headaches here.

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I had very high expectations for this spirit. Great bottle and packaging, but as far as Vodka goes this is more like a Grappa. The smoothness is there, but so is the vegital flavor of something close to grape stems. Reminds me of a dry Sauvignon Blanc meeting a better potato vodka. Sorry, I won't purchase this one again.

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I saw the bottle, Sweden, Swede, So cool I thought. Not good, just another low end vodka that is all marketing and poor product. I also had The Svedka Vanil- just way to syrupy and cheap corn syrup sweet taste. Poor. NOT for my money.

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