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Dan Merritt

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Stoli Elite

Surprisingly smooth, this vodka has a creamy texture that accompinies its rich flavor of grains, and lacking the cheap vodka burn. I think this vodka is best with a filling meal (steak etc) that would go well with such a smooth vodka. This is one great vodka that you should try!

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Imperia (Russian Standard)

This vodka is nothing extremely unique in my eyes (more like my mouth), that being said, it is a very good vodka. It is clean and simple, and to those who like things pure, this is the vodka for you. It does have smooth texture like the Elit, but not as rich and creamy as the Elit. It also has a noticable grain flavor to it. I would have this vodka at any party or get together. It is simple and clean, and a truly great all-purpose vodka.

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Ciroc Snap Frost

Sweet and crisp, this vodka is quite good, with hints of grape and sweetness. It is technically not a vodka in America; however, it sure as hell is better than most "Vodkas" that many are accustomed to. Ciroc would be best for after a meal, or with sweets or fruits. An interesting Vodka nonetheless.

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