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This vodka has a amazingly smooth, very little heat or flavor, good for mixing. I wouldn't drink it strait, but for a general mixer, you can't beat the price. value is off the charts... just not a shooting vodka.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Smooth, virtually no burning, almost no after-taste... what Vodka is ment to be. I have never expirienced any vodka as good as this, and the cost is very low compaired to any to-shelfs it beats.

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Grey Goose

fairly good flavor, slightly bitter. not worth the price its normally charged for though... there are much better vodkas for much less.

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OK for flavor and smoothness, but a little overpriced. Its actually made by the same company and 4x distilled the same way as Phillips Vodka, but is about 2x the price.

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burning fire and bitterness. Enough said.

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