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Ketel One

One of my favorites. There are two schools of thought. 1:Good vodka equals no taste, or... 2:Good vodka has a refined, distinctive taste. That's why you have completely different reviews of the same vodka. I am in the 2nd category. Ketel One is relatively smooth, especially for the price. But what I really love is it's distinctive taste. A little sharp at the end, but overall a fantastic mixer, adding a little something to the flavor of your drink. And just as important, not harsh. So you can pull it straight out of the freezer for a tasty shot straight. I recommend this over Grey Goose for all the vodka newbies.

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CooranBong Vodka

Extremely smooth. A little oily. Very refined. I imagine that this would be good in any drink. I tried it with orange juice. I was completely blown away. Back to back against Grey Goose proved its superiority. Maybe my favorite vodka yet.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

They are right. This is fantastic. Sipped neat, or with orange juice, or with anything else for that matter. This is incredibly smooth, with a pleasant taste up front, and no bite whatsoever. It might not be the absolute most refined vodka on the planet. But factor in price, and it's the top contender. It is unbelievable how good this is for the money.

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Polar Ice

EXCELLENT. Comparative to Cooranbong in quality and smoothness, though not as oily. Much cheaper too! Light, with a sweet finish like Crystal Head. Unbelievably smooth. Best bang for the buck by far that I've found. I absolutely recommended this if you can find it! Knocks the pants off more expensive vodkas like Ketel One, Grey Goose, Vox, etc. Try it, you'll see.

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Grey Goose

Grey Goose gets flak because of its popularity and price. A perfect target of disdain for vodka snobs as a result. While I can't argue that better vodka can be had at cheaper prices, it is hard to deny the smoothness of Grey Goose. It's a great mixer. And if someone else is picking up the tab, I see no reason to complain. Smooth, just a hint of crispness, and very low fragrance. I am, however, a vodka drinker that prefers a little taste to my vodka. So for my money, I'd go with Ketel One. Cheaper, almost as smooth, and with a nice finish.

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I happen to like Ciroc. It does have a bitterness in the finish. But I feel the flavor adds a uniqueness to this grape derived vodka. A decently smooth vodka, good for mixing. Not sure if this would be my top choice to sip straight, but definitely tolerable. I give it 4 stars since I can't find anything else like it in taste, and it's smoothness is comparable to Ketel One. Nice for a change. There are better overall vodkas for the price though. But I would give it a try.

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This vodka gets mixed reviews. I happen to like Trump Vodka. You can certainly taste it when mixed. Not as smooth as Grey Goose, and certainly not as smooth as some other truly premium vodkas. But pretty mellow, with moderate burn, and good finish. I have tried this mixed in various drinks with good results. I think the vodkas flavor really enhances the drinks. Sipping straight is pleasurable as well. I personally like a vodka you can taste, as long as it tastes good. And Trump fits the bill. Although for the price, I'd consider many others (like Ketel One)ahead of it. But I recommend at least trying this one.

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This is a great vodka for mixing. Nice and smooth. Just a little bite at the end to let you know it is there. Comparable to Grey Goose in overall quality...which is why this isn't top rated in my book. Although quite decent, when price is factored in, I can't rate it above 3 stars simply because much better vodka exists (Some smoother, some more flavorful), and often times at much cheaper prices.

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As far as budget vodkas go, this is the standard in my opinion. Again, comparing this to other budget vodkas, it is relatively smooth, but when mixed, lets you know there is vodka in the drink. Not really a bad thing in my opinion. I wouldn't prefer to drink this straight as I would a premium vodka. It's a little harsh on its own. No more so than other vodkas of this level, though. Much more mellow than Smirnoff or Absolut, in fact. It stands out as a good choice when you have a limited selection, and a limited budget, as you can find this just about anywhere.

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360 Vodka

360 is billed as an eco friendly vodka. That's great, but this vodka left me disappointed in what counts...taste. It wasn't horrible, but coming from my home state, and having been given great reviews, I was rooting for it, and hoping for it to be great. I tried this straight, and with orange juice. To me, sipped neat, the flavor was too medicinal. Although still relatively smooth, it just didn't seem refined enough to warrant the "premium" label that everybody seems to hype it up as. It reminded me of Absolut in flavor, but less harsh. Maybe a little pepper and citrus in the background. With orange juice, the flavor of the vodka didn't add to the drink in any way. The medicinal taste was still there, and compared back to back with Tito's Handmade Vodka, 360 was clearly the inferior vodka. So despite the lack of bite at the end, and somewhat smoother nature of the drink compared to bottom shelf brands, the taste up front is lacking enough for me to rate this as a 3, especially when factoring in price. Ketel One and Tito's are better for the money.

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Remember when you were new to vodka and thought Absolut was a good vodka? Ha. Not sure why that is. Marketing more than anything I suppose. But certainly a subpar vodka for the money. There are way better vodkas for just a little more money. There are way better vodkas for just a little less. Mixing this vodka is tolerable as should be the case with most vodkas. But it adds nothing to the drink, other than a buzz. The harshness shines through. To drink straight would be ridiculous, as this is pretty harsh, with a substantial burn, and a bitter finish. Kind of like how I imagine nail polish would be. If it's all you have, I suppose I have sampled worse that came in plastic bottles and were procured from a small town gas station. Absolut gets by on its marketing and shiny bottle. Go with Ketel One for just a couple bucks more. A world of difference.

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Unless you have a brita filter on hand, avoid this vodka. This vodka will work in a pinch for mixed drinks. But it is really pretty harsh. Even the vapors will make your eyes water. For a couple bucks more, you could go with Skyy. For a little more still, you could get a jewel like Ketel One. All without breaking the bank. Smirnoff is marketed as a mid level vodka like the other two. But it tastes like bottom shelf nail polish remover. As subpar as this is mixed, I cannot fathom finding a reason to drink this straight, unless on a dare. Very harsh, with a strong burn, and lighter fluid finish. If you are that strapped for cash, seriously consider a plastic bottle of any number of no name vodkas that are Smirnoffs equal in refinement and taste.

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