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One of my all time favorites. I sip it straight at room temp. out of a coffee cup! I deeply enjoy it's complexity and sweetness. Not to be shot back, but savored. I never got a hangover from it, but I drink for the taste and not simply to get wasted.

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Ketel One

Ketel One on the rocks! Clean, crisp and dry to the palatte. Over ice, the burn is nearly undetectable. Not necessarily budget friendly, but worth every penny if you drink it straight.

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Try the Clementine flavor! Very nice by itself. Also very good mixed with cherry limeade. Extremely smooth, no aftertaste, almost no burn. Definitely a favorite....

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Very clean tasting, slight burn, subtle aftertaste, mixes well, just be careful. It's way too easy to overdo it. One of my frequent buys.

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An old faithful of mine. I drank this most when I was just starting to appreciate vodka. Don't let the price tag fool you. Competes and even blows away some of the more expensive competition. Dry, just a slight bitterness, and very little scent. Mixes beautifully with cranberry juice.

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Taste isn't too bad, aftertaste okay, but it doesn't take much of it to give you a wicked hangover in the morning. Mixes decently, just be careful.

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Grey Goose

Not too bad, a bit grainy for my palatte. I think better vodkas can be purchased for a cheaper price though.

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360 Vodka

I found this vodka a bit on the vile side. Harsh, with a definite rubbing alcohol smell. The grain is just too overpowering and leaves a bitter aftertaste. But it is enviromentally friendly. Just can't compete....

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Overpriced for what you get. Definite rubbing alcohol smell, and leaves a very bitter aftertaste. Okay, but only for mixing.

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Pretty much bottom of the barrel quality. I've tried everything I know of to make it taste good. I have used it to make herbal tinctures and even then could taste the bitterness, harshness, and burn. Definitely one I purposely at the liquor store.

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