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Ray Abraham

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GREAT! A masterpiece of a vodka period. I rate this as the best I've ever had yet, and I had them all just about. This brand is sure to please anyone who really knows their stuff!

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Potato vodka RULES! Luksusowa is a bargain compared with Chopin and just as rich. Chopin is GREAT, Luksusowa is GREATER! I know my vodka and you can taste the complexity in this polish dream. Drink it neat, no mixers here!

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Viking Fjord

This is GREAT vodka. I rated many vodkas on this site and I will say that this one , by far, is better than Luksusova and Chopin. Vikingfjord is the BEST! Smooth, true potato taste, no afterburn. Best of all, it is perfect!

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Hey guys, This is it! Just when I thought Chopin, Luksusowa and Vikingfliord were the best. Monopolowa vodka is way too good. It's like the Tiger Woods of Vodkas! So smooth and yet so inexpensive also. I am an expert on vodkas, you will not be dissapointed.

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Hangar One Vodka

Finally!!!!!!! Vodka that has arrived, the Tiger Woods of Vodka, the Detroit Pistons of Vodka, WOW!!!

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My dad told me to stand in one place and all the girls will walk by. This wisdom also applies to vodka! After being convinced that Hangar One was the best, I've come to another conclusion...Svedka is just as great hands down. Better than Luksusowa, Fris, Grey Goose and Yes folks, Hangar One. Svedka is the CXLEAR WINNER!!!!

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Idol Vodka

Made from grapes, no winey taste, distilled seven times, filtered five times! This is the vodka the world has been waiting for! NO IMPURITIES means no hangovers and no congeners. A nose of supple fruity overtones, a pure vodka taste and solid powdered sugar fading aftertaste. Very clean and elegant, A MUST try!

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Lastnight I tried Zyr in our local lounge. The taste was magnificient ad OH!!!!! so SMOOOOOTH! The Russians have done it again. Really, this is THE BEST available now, really!

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Van Gogh

Great, smoooooth!!!!!! Their flavored vodka is the real deal, just as good as Hangar One!

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Really smooth, no odor or fumes and no burn. Great Vodka!

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Just tried it last night. Let me tell you, I made my Dad a martini from the bottle and I drank the rest. So tasty, smooth, tastes like VODKA. I was really impressed.The price isn't bad either. Got to go buy a few more bottles before they're gone!

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I finally found it! Watch out, this is going to break into alot of pricey vodkas sales. Very smooth, no burn, a faint toffee/vanilla smell, great slightly sweet rye tastes, no lingering after taste. I really enjoyed it for the price point. Polish Vodka WINS BIG!!! Here we go again!

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A new "Michigan" made vodka. Very smooth and tasty from grapes.

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Ya know, I've recently tried Reyka Vodka. Very good. I've also tried Luksusowa, Zyr, Svedka, and many, many others including the Goose! Fris is among the BEST of the BEST, meaning just three that I would give such a prize slot too! The other two....we'll read my other blogs. Fris is vodka!!!

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True North Vodka

Yes! Another review here! I just tried this in Michigan, you know it's made in Traverse City, MI. Anyhow, it is smooth with a great nose. The thing that got me was the rye. It had a sweet twang that I just tolerated, sort of.

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360 Vodka

Hello fellow vodkaphiles! Just tried this vodka last evening after reading rave reviews. Well, here is another. The aroma from the bottle was of a pleasant floral character, no bad aromas. Tasting was an adventure as I truly believe now that America is producing the best vodkas available. It reminded me of a slick,fresh fade of powdered sugar, however not cloying, and a finish of caramel ever so remote,albeit apparent. The body was just right, not that overly creamy stuff you oh so often get from overseas vodkas. All in all 360 was refreshing, hangover proof and best in an extra dry martini. Don't add vermouth, is my motto. As I stated earlier, America is coming out with true winners. Save your tastebuds and money by not buying an import! This is great vodka at a great price. It's green angle and bottle are really cool too! A must try......Mr.Vodka

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Excellent American made vodka! The nose is a beautiful nutty neutral smell. But the body is naturally thick and tasty, sort of like a powdered sugar fruit followed by a light vanilla fade on the wonderful finish. I love vodka, but I really love UV!!!!! Oh, did I say smooooooooth too. Remember what I said about American made vodkas, this like all is 100% naturally made, NO junk added like most imports. Priced great also.

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Wow! This vodka blows away all the competition. It could easily be the most perfect distillation in the world. The nose on this is unlike anyother vodka, very light, airy with the faintest smell of sweetwater taffy. No bad odors at all. The entry is so smooth and creamy that I swore it was a vodka milkshake! No burn that is evident with so many other vodkas. The taste was of a sweet viscous nature, but not cloying. As if that was not enough, the ending was touched with a little vanilla and fruit. Really, all I can say honestly is to try for yourself. American made with mid-west corn. Opulent blows away the import crowd. Our first truly super premium brand at a super discounted price! Oh, no hangover at all. Lack of filtering retains all the spirits character. Amazing stuff.

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Neutral nose, which is good. Slightly oily body with long legs developing quickly on glass. The taste is great also. There seems to be a ever so slight vanilla touch with a powdered sugar fade at the finish. A nice ester of alcohol in a good way rounds it out to create a perfect balance of taste, texture and incredible smoothness!You really need to give this vodka a place on your "AAA" list!!!

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Just great homemade vodka. It tastes just like it smells...vanilla, dark chocolate, circus peanut and ever so smooth! No additives and made in Virginia. Potato vodka rules, really.

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Blue Ice

Disregard the last review! I did not have Blue Ice in my glass. Now I do and this is simply the greatest vodka I've ever tried!!!!!!!! Smooth, nose of slight vanilla, citrus. Tastes of powdered sugar dusting over really great buttered potatoes. Thick and a little oily, coating with a light lingering aftertaste. Best neat, on the rocks or chilled. Use something else for mixing!

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Shakers Original American Vodka

Just tried last evening. Very nice clean nose with a good whiff of cocoa! The taste was classic old world vodka with a clean and very smooth finish. The slightest burn, but ib that old world way. Great vodka, made in America! I'm trying the rye version in a few.

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Shakers Rye Vodka

Here we go again. I have to add this to my top four list of great vodkas! After trying the wheat version of Shakers, which was excellent, this rye version is my favorite. It has an enticing nose of all that is good in vodka. The taste is rye city, semi sweet, oily, grainy, viscous and clean. The finish was just wonderful, tongue coating with a cool clean crispness with the slightest touch of spice. WOW!!!!! I'm happy they carry this in my South Florida neighborhood liquor store. A must try! You will enjoy this like a 50 year old scotch.

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Just tried Ruskova after reading many favorable reviews. It was all that and then some! Very nice walnut bread nose with a touch of lemon. The body was perfect, round with a grainy taste the resembled again walnut, lemon candy and a dollop of vanilla custard on the end. It finished on cue with a splash of white pepper. Just an all around tatse treat that will send me off to the store to buy many more bottles! Great Russian vodka, very inexpensive too!

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Prairie Organic Vodka

Wow! I just bought a bottle of this newer vodka made in Minnesota. I had said Fris was the best, well it has just been blown away! Prairie Organic is just heaven. It starts with a waft of powdered melon, no alcohol smell whatsoever. The taste is wonderful, with slight berry notes that fade to a solid mouthful of powdered pear then nothing. A real great vodka for sipping. Almost as tame as water, really. It has no bad fusel oils, lingering aftertastes or any bad odors common with so many vodkas. The absence of vapors is amazing also. I did a side by side comparison to Fris and within two minutes I crowned Prairie the clear winner. Listen, you really have to try this great American Masterpiece!

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Snow Queen

Just had to give the Queen a try! This is very clean, distilled to a charm vodka. Not too mention very tasty also. The price is not too bad. I rate this vodka right up there with my top picks...Fris and Luksusowa.

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Gera Premium Vodka

I tried this elusive vodka for the first time last night. I saw a 96 rating on another site and it was a best buy also. Well, I have reviewed about 39 or so vodkas on this site and all I can say is....WOW! This new method which Gera calls the Octal method voids the vodka of any impurities, bad smells or any other offensive quality. It is pure heaven! The taste was slightly of nougat, creamy and just perfect. The finish captured my attention with a clean slightly cooling effect. This is no ordinary vodka, but rivals the best of the best I have EVER come across. This is the best vodka in the world, period. It should cost alot more, but like I said is a best buy! I will also add that you do not even notice a smell when you open the bottle. It could be sipped on its own without ice it is that smooth!

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New Amsterdam

Stunningly tasty. So smooth you think you had only ice in the glass. Pleasant vodka flavors, a perfect sipper. Me likey!

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Russian Standard Premium

Ray Abraham back in action! This vodka was rated #1 in the world for good reason. I am downing the Platinum Russian Standard. It is creamy and smoother than most. Russians again showing that they are the vodka rulers!

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Nue Vodka

This Vodka rocks...pardon the pun! Bought this today on a whim. Very glad I did. Kept in the freezer till Happy Hour. It is made of corn, distilled six times and made in Dallas, Texas. The taste is semi sweet, grainy, biscuit, grainy and buttery. It is very viscous with a note of confectioners sugar. One hell of a gluten free vodka for the vodka connisuer. So smooth and creamy. Very, very...did I say creamy goodness! A top 4 for sure!

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Cold River

Just had one, ok, two on the rocks. Real potato vodke attributes! Nose of vanilla, candy with a real rich viscous mouth feel. Tastes of something really sweet I couldn't pinpoint. A pleasant finish, smooth, and no burn. That slight potato sourness that usually cuts the sweetness, was not here. I could not imagine putting olives in here. Way too sweet, like added sugar. Sorry.

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Ketel One

I'm back after a Vodkaphiles hiatus! Anyhow, I tried this again last evening and have to say it was very good. Top ten for sure and best of all NO HANGOVERS!!! Ray...Mr.Vodka

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Tanqueray Sterling

First time trying. Smell is slightly rubbing alcohol. Taste is smooth with really nothing off or sensational. A great mixing vodka. Just missed the "Solid Mark". Actually by more than less.

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Pretty good, but far from fantastic. Hard to believe made by Absolute. I wonder why the big difference in profile? Anyhow, this is good for mixing, otherwise on the rocks move on!

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If I was broke, I wouldn't buy this stuff. Tastes like what I think lighter fluid might be like. For another $3.00 buy Luksusowa!

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Grey Goose

Overrated Papicosh! Tastes like they added twizlers licorice to it. It made me pucker. Otherwise a step above crystal palace vodka.

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Stolichnaya Gold

There are much better vodkas around. this one leaves you with a lousy aftertaste.

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If you like drinking your wife's perfume bottle on the rocks, you might like this stuff. Stick with making wine with grapes! YUK!

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Another knockoff of Smirnoff for you experts that might not know. The plastic bottle gives it away! Drink it out of a plastic cup with a hole in the bottom! Yuk! Good for imbalming.

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42 Below Vodka

Well after all the rave reviews I decided to give her a shot. 42 Below is an appropriate name since on a scale from 1 through 10 I would give it -42! After three of these on the rocks I have never had a reaction from such crappy vodka. Sticking to Ciroc. 42 below wouldn't stand up to Smirnoff!!! This stuff is sickening. Another option for the death penalty , save the gas and electricity!

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Very gross! Tastes more like a after dinner liquor, poor at that. I cannot imagine putting any kind of garnish in this, ie , olives,etc. Very dissaponting.

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Crystal Palace

This is the worst of the worst. Smirnoff and company are equal. Avoid at all cost. Take out a loan and buy some good stuff! I was'nt going to even talk about this one but had to amend the previous chap in ERR. A 5 for vomit factor.

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Not impressed at all with all the hype. Tastes like rubbing alcohol smells. Toxic at best, time to move on!

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Yea, it's me again. I believe I spoke too soon regarding Pinnacle's attributes. More often than not, imported vodkas ADD thickeners (glycerin,sugar,citric acid,etc.) to fatten up thier product. This is the case with this stuff. If there is one thing I hate more than eating my own words is drinking vodka flavored gycerin! I totally retract my former opinion of Pinnacle Vodka and replace it with this review. Avoid FAKE VODKAS! From now on, I'm sticking with AMERICAN MADE vodkas. Why, because they are regulated as to what they cannot add and must spell out what they do. Also, I don't like eating crow. Bye the way, tried 360 vodka last evening. Really good stuff! Real vodka, no fillers and made in America. Pinnacle belongs on the Glycerin review site!!!!!!!!! How's that for a Keith Oberman commentary?

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Crop Harvest Earth

Down right nasty, Smirnoff,Crystal Palace and the like are better than this crap! My mouth burned and I started to get a headache immediately. Vomit factor 19!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you what I really think!

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Downright weird! I've had a few rye vodkas that had a sweet twang of something I could'nt put my finger on. This one tastes like a cross between Canadian Whiskey and chocolate truffle liqour. Gross! There is no way you could put an olive in here or even a lemon twist. Mixing, forget about it! I honestly threw the last bit down the sink. Moving on, oh yea, lets get real! Don't waste your time or money.

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Upon opening three bottles of Pearl, I noticed an increasingly nasty smell and taste of concentrated vanilla, coconut and something like hairspray. Also, the smoothness [from a previous review] was not there anymore. I emailed the makers to no avail. Very inconsistent with no quality control add up to one thing. Lousy vodka. Move on to Luksusowa Vodka and stay there!!!

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Iceberg Vodka

I've tried over a hundred different vodkas and Iceberg is in the Top 5 worse! Rubbing alcohol's cousin.

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