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Discovered this one the other week when in Poland for work. We had a company BBQ, and they plunked an ice-cold bottle of Luksusowa down on each table. I've always been partial to Polish vodkas anyhow, but was very impressed by the clean, smooth taste. Many litres of it and Zubrowka made it into my carryon when I flew back to NL.

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It is impossible to buy enough Zubrowka to last. I get to Poland for work from time to time, and always have to fill orders from friends ... last time came back with 10+ litres of the stuff. (It's not easy to find in NL, and costs at least twice as much) The taste of the bison grass is present, but still subtle. I generally prefer to drink vodka neat, which is a problem with such a tasty brand. Watch out, or you might find yourself finishing the bottle without meaning to. Recommended as a change of pace for those who prefer non-infused vodka, or for those who need to see another side of vodka (ie, those who insist they'll never touch the stuff)

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