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Teton Glacier

After tasting and drinking many vodka's Teton Glacier is by far the best when it comes to what a vodka should be - a neurtal spirit. Teton Glacier is clean and smooth with just the right amount of burn and little to no medicinal smell. Belvedere is a close 2nd, but Teton Glacier is far superior at half the price. Ciroc is in some ways superior to both when it comes to smooth and clean with a lack of medicinal smell - however, it is not a true vodka (neutral spirit) in my opinion because it has a slight taste of grapes.

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Teton Glacier

Kudos to the other reviewers. As an avid vodka drinker who has tried the best and knows his vodka, I can unequivocally say that Teton Glacier is the world's best vodka, with Belvedere a close second. Vodka, named after the Slavic word for water (voda) should be like water - a neutral spirit. Like water, good vodka should be colorless, odorless, and have a neutral taste with just the right amount of burn in the back of your throat. Teton Glacier hits on all cylinders. Unfortunately, while Teton Glacier is the world's best vodka, it's also the world's best kept secret, so you'll have to search for it.

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My second favorite vodka (Teton Glacier being my fav). I drink Belvedere whenever I'm eating and/or drinking out (Teton is only available at home - bars don't carry it because it's not hyped up like many other vodkas). I can't believe some of the bad reviews I've read regarding Belvedere's smoothness and taste. Let's remember vodka is a neutral spirit - that is it's not supposed to have any color, odor, or taste with just the right amount of burn at the back or your throat. Belvedere is by far the smoothest vodka (next to Teton) when drinking it straight and mixes quite well also. I would also put it against any other vodka (save for Ceroc) for a clean nose (no strong medicine or alcohol smell). While Ceroc has the cleanest nose it tastes like grapes - not neutral. If you can't get Teton Glacier then Belvedere is the way to go!

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Ketel One

An ok pot distilled vodka with a reasonably decent nose and clean taste. I'll get this when I'm out and the establishment doesn't have Belvedere or Chopin. However, there are sooo many better vodkas out there. Instead of Kettle One, try a column distilled vodka like Teton Glacier or Belvedere - you won't be sorry.

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Cheap vodka with a very strong nose (smells like rubbing alcohol). Not made as a pure vodka, instead they purchase the ethanol elsewhere and add water. Fairly clean for a mixer, but not my cup of tea. I for one will never drink it again.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Titos has a metallic taste and smell, making it just a passable vodka. The taste and smell are forgivable for the low price, but I would not drink Titos again. Vodka is supposed to a neutral spirit. In fact, the word Vodka comes from the Russian word for water (voda). It is supposed to have no taste, no smell, and just the right amount of burn as it goes down the back of your throat. Titos fails on all but the burn. I will say that the metallic taste makes for an interesting vodka martini. But a good vodka it is not

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Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a very pricey and mediocre vodka. I have to agree with another reviewer who said those who drink Grey Goose are those that don't know vodka. On the plus side it is smooth (due to the filtration) so it's not a bad vodka, just mediocre. Also, it's made in France but not French. When Stanley Frank importers decided to offer an expensive vodka that many would think was premium, they surveyed to find most Americans equate the French with food quality, so they set up production in France. They call it "the world's best tasting vodka" but that was from a beverage tasting institute rating based on their first hand made batches (not the production batches delivered today). These days they find themselves not even ranking in the top 20 at the beverage tasting institute. The bottom line is if you're drinking Grey Goose, you're being duped. You can purchase a far superior, more pure, and more smooth vodka for a lesser price (try Teton Glacier, it's made right here in America and often ranked as among the 5 best vodkas world wide); or, if you want a foreign vodka with a fancy frosted bottle like Grey Goose try Belvedere (it's about the same price as Grey Goose but a far better vodka and is the company from which Grey Goose based their bottle design).

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Horrible vodka. Nose reeks of potatoes, vodka is crude and harsh.

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Clean nose, smooth finish but the deal breaker is the heavy mineral aftertaste.

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