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This vodka is a hidden jewel. Cheap and mostly unknown, best vodka I've tried in terms of bang for the buck. Some initial bite, but goes down smooth with a very mild burn with no unpleasant aftertaste. Can't be beaten for the value.

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Crystal Head

I don't understand the low ratings for Crystal Head on this site, because this is the finest vodka I've had the pleasure of drinking, and I've tried a lot of them. It's like drinking spring water with a very slight cooling burn, and a sort of sweet aftertaste. Probably as close to flavorless as you can get if you are into that with vodkas. Worth trying once just for the super cool bottle, and if you don't want to keep the bottle, about 50% of your cost for it can be recuperated by selling the empty bottle on eBay. Yes, people want the bottle just for its looks.

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Oh, so very smooth, hardly any burn, aftertaste is not unpleasant. Probably the best potato vodka out there, and probably the best top-shelf vodka that I have tried in the price range of the ubiquitous Grey Goose.

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This one is very hard to find in my area. I grabbed the last bottle off the shelf from a local liquor store. It is very clean and neutral, but not as smooth as the other potato vodka I've had, Chopin, and it burns more, though not terribly. The aftertaste is very slightly bitter, but not unpleasant. I've noticed that potato vodkas tend to have more of an aftertaste that lingers, though it's not necessarily bad. If you like potato vodkas, Luksusowa is a great value at about half the price of Chopin. You could use it as your regular stocked value vodka and save the Chopin for special occasions.

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360 Vodka

Initial impression when I first opened the bottle is that it smells like rubbing alchohol. Fortunately, drinking it was a much more pleasant surprise. Very neutral and flavorless, it reminded me of Tito's, at least the in-mouth feel. Unlike Tito's, it goes down much better, with a very mild burn and a much better aftertaste. This vodka tastes like what Tito's should have been, IMO, with all the positive reviews and comments I have seen about Tito's. Unfortunately, 360 is pretty hard to find in my area, and is also a bit pricey.

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Great cold, practically flavorless. At room temperature though, it's bitter in the mouth. Very mild burn and bitterness going down. Great value, just make sure to stick it in your freezer. It is great for mixing too. Hard to beat for the price.

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Grey Goose

Ah, the famous Grey Goose, the vodka that most anybody you run into will say is the best vodka. I tell you, Mr. Sidney Frank, the founder, fooled everyone into thinking that this is the best vodka in the world, because it's not. It's certainly not a bad vodka, but it's not the best. It is smooth, no question, but pay attention to the aftertaste and how bitter it gets, then compare it to other vodkas and do tell whether you still think it's worth the price. Maybe if it was about ten to fifteen dollars less it would be worth it. It does not belong on the top shelf. Lower upper to upper middle shelf at best. Overpriced and overhyped. Don't believe the hype.

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Allow me to burst your bubbles a bit. A couple of people I know have said good things about this vodka, so I tried it. Very clean and smooth going down, very mild burn. However, I did not like the bitter aftertaste. There are other top-shelf vodkas I'd choose over this one, like Chopin, and several lower shelf vodkas that are better than this. One star off for the aftertaste, and another for the high, top-shelf price.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

After all the positive reviews and comments I've read, this one disappointed me. Looking at some comments, maybe this vodka used to be good, but quality has went down and price has gone up, a common symptom of a lot of products when success gets to your head. It is very neutral and clean in the mouth, but after the swallow I found it to be a harsh and caustic experience, with a bitter aftertaste that sticks, filling up your entire mouth. It mixes fine, but so do a lot of other vodkas, and there are some that are cheaper and better.

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