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Joe Scott

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Crystal Head

This is the best I've had in terms of being totally tasteless, no burn, no after taste. Vodka is a new interest of mine, and I've only sampled 8 so far. Maybe my tastes will change, but this is the best so far.

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The store owner pushed Putinka Soft Classic, so I bought a bottle $13 + tax. Excellent, smooth, light. And the bottle cap is cool - once I figured it out!

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The Best Non-Russian & Polish Vodka! Very clean tasting to start, then seems to explode with pleasant flavor, and goes down smooth with no after-burn. I have to talk myself out of re-filling the glass!

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Russian Standard Premium

My Favorite Russian Vodka I live in Brighton Beach and have tried most of the Russian vodkas here, this is the best, tastes great, smooth and no burn.

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The Best Polish Vodka This is perfect, not flavored exactly, but a whiff and slightly. Tastes very smooth, no after burn like a lot of Polish vodkas. I'm referring to the original Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka, there's a couple out there that call themselves similar names. Stay away from Baks Bison Grass, terrible.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

I read the other reviews, thats why I bought it, but maybe there's something wrong with me - it tasted like "alcohol medicine" to start. That quickly faded, and no taste at all after that. Are others noticing the antiseptic taste at the beginning?

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I had this twice, the first time in a nice restaurant, it was bland and flat but smooth. Bought a bottle on sale and it was almost undrinkable, disgusting, had to drink something else before I could drink it! They must have quality problems, or they changed the taste recipe.

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