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Probably the smoothest, most balanced vodka I've ever had. Almost sweet, Zyr is amazing. I've only been to a handful of bars that carry Zyr; more should carry it because it is clearly one of the best vodkas in the world (based on my opinion and on the opinion of people on this site!).

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Pyat Ozer

For the price ($19USD/750ml), it's really hard to beat. On par with Stoli Gold (actually quite similar in flavor profile) for quite a bit less. I would say it is borderline premium vodka.

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One of the best top-shelf vodkas on the market. Smooth, minimal bite. Aromas of bread/yeast on the nose. I would have given this 5 stars 3 years ago...but the prices have just crept up over and over, to the point that I no longer consider it a GG/Belevedere competitor. I go to Zyr or similar now (in the $28-32/750 price point).

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Russian Diamond

Solid, smooth. Not much of a bite - good for Vodka drinkers who don't like the taste of Vodka, I suppose.

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Not super smooth, a bit off balance. Heavy bitterness. I've had this a lot of times (it was my go-to instead of Grey Goose before I was educated on vodka) but for $32-34/750ml there are many better options.

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