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I had the opportunity to try this Vodka alongside three other top-shelf potato vodkas. I should have bought it but the only stock was gone after I waited too long to buy it - it is HARD to find this in North America. In terms of any burn or bad taste, they're simply not there, much like Chopin or Luksusowa; It starts with an impact like an iron fist in a velvet glove and ends smooth. But unlike them, there's definitely creamy, earthly potato flavor coming through that lingers long after every sip. According to the website they sought this experience out, and they've done well.

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This vodka is extremely smooth - much better than Russian Standard Platinum. I mentioned to someone that I was a "Vodka snob" and they brang this vodka which they had brang back from Moscow... Unfortunately I can barely find it in North America, the only places selling it are out of stock or won't ship.

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Not as smooth as the reviews promised - it does burn, though only mildly - but certainly with character, and smoother than most. You could probably get completely smashed on this and not feel bad at all the next day, but it's not the kind of vodka you'd be serving in that environment at nearly $40 at most places.

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Schramm Vodka

I added this vodka to the database and am frankly surprised it wasn't already here. Schramm is essentially Canada's answer to Chase Vodka - the distillery makes a point of deliberately keeping much of the potato flavor while trying to omit all of the undesired flavors. The result is a quite good vodka to have neat, even at room temperature. The negative is its price point, which is $50 solid for 750. Apparently it will be available in the U.S. soon.

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Alberta Pure Vodka

I tried this vodka because I had heard of its success at the San Francisco world spirits competition. I was highly disappointed. It was bitter, smelled poorly and even after being frozen, produced a long burn. It was like Smirnoff. Very mediocre. I tried to make a liqueur out of it - cashew nut vanilla - which I'd made before with SKYY and even that could not make this palatable. Diluted to about 15-16% with water and sugar syrup it still burned.

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I moved to BC from California back in 1999 and the first thing I noticed about drinking habits here is that "smirnoff" and "vodka" are interchangeable, and people think grey goose tastes good. The honest reason for this is that due to the BC Liquor board, citizens are price gouged remorselessly. If you are ever forced to drink smirnoff, quickly dish it into some lemonade when someone isn't looking. That's about the only way it's bearable at all.

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