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Sean Smith

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This is tremendous potato vodka ! Luxurious to be sure, at least here in Canada . Our Ontario government operated liquor retailer doesn't permit me to rave about the price ($25 can.)as much as my southern neighbours , but here in the great white north it still ranks very well in the quality/value dichotomy .

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Russian Standard

There really isn't a better wheat vodka (or any grain vodka ) at anywhere near this price . Any perceived preference for super premium vodka at twice the price usually is negated with blind tastings. This is the real deal and a must stock bottle . Approximately 25 Canadian dollars /750ml in Toronto .

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Silver Lake Vodka

Wow ! Premium rice vodka from Canada . Who knew . This crafted vodka is a little hard to find , but when you do , this vodka delivers . A very clean liquor that delivers a pleasingly warm (not burning) finish with subtle floral notes . Available at some lcbo stores . Approximately 30 Canadian dollars in Toronto .

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The shelf space buyers have me seeing red ! How many facings of this stuff do I really need to look at . This may have applications for cocktail mixology if finding a fiery, medicinal tasting liquor is on your agenda . Serious sippers may stand it better if your taste receptors are muted from cigarette smoking and you seek a stronger bite . Gets a 2 only because there are worse vodkas . Approximately 25 Canadian dollars in Toronto (maybe a buck less than Russian Standard lol ).

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