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Meh. It's rather bitter and doesn't have anything flavor characteristics beyond poorly filtered industrial notes. Ursus also smells a bit disconcerting and is a bit hard to drink straight with no chaser. I'd say it's average only because where I live, I can buy it for the very same price as Popov, ($10/750ml) and as bad as Ursus might be, it's still markedly so better tasting and easier to shoot.

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This is pretty caustic stuff, defined by its bite, burn, and way of making straight-shooting college students hack and gasp as they pull the plastic jug from their lips. Tastes very plastic jug tier, but slightly so more tolerable both while drinking and next morning than the devilishly cheap regional generics. If it were cheaper, maybe in a grave pinch, but most anything else is better for the money.

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It's 16$ for a handle at a local grocer, and $10 for a 750 at our local liquor store. Certainly, while it's not the best, one must remember that it can be had for perhaps a dollar more than Popov, at least where I live, making it a stellar value. Causes hangovers if consumed in excess, but tastes reasonably complex and can be enjoyed straight with no chaser if you're not put off by its very bitter, sharp taste (balanced, because all flavors strong). Again, not smooth, but it doesn't taste industrial or smell scary like others in its price bracket tend to. For $16, accolades.

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Five o'clock Vodka

It's $10.99 for a whole 1.75 liters over at a local liquor shop, or a whole five or six less than Popov. At that low price, it's still not a bargain; it's so tongue-gnashingly harsh and belly-churningly caustic that I find it hard to believe it receives any form of treatment other than dilution and bottling. Just no reason for anyone over twenty-one who's not homeless or an end-stage alcoholic to consider drinking this product.

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