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Jim Stewart

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Barbara Mandrell had a great song in the 80s called "I was country when country wasnt cool" Well, when this swill debuted in the U.S, I was cool enough to already call it swill while all the other lemmings/sheeple masses fell for the marketing. It was (and still is unfortunatley) a severe case of the emperor has no clothes. If you like your rubbing alcohol on the rocks, here ya go.

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YIKES! Top for name brands for Rot Gut contender! The nose: Rubbing alcohol. The Palate: Rubbing alcohol. When I decided I couldnt handle this swill, I made a simple syrup and added to it and it STILL had rubbing alcohol permeate it. Then I added 10 Jolly Rancher Watermelons and finally that with cutting it with some club soda pushed the rubbing alcohol flavor to the back..but still slightly noticable. WHEW! STAY AWAY.

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