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Poland Spring Vodka

I drink vodka pretty often and Poland Springs (yes the black label) is one of the best brands I've ever had. It is smooth and has a sort of mineral water like aftertaste in my opinion. I wouldn't say it's as good a say Russian Standard, but it is definitely better than Smirnoff and more than definitely better than all the other low priced vodka. To a seasoned drinker, there is no kick at all, or a light kick to a social drinker. It tastes as if you magically turned Poland Springs water into vodka, heh. While it is a good vodka to do shots with, it is also great to mix with. I have made various drinks with various brands of vodka, and I can put more vodka into drinks and have no to little kick with Poland Springs, and it doesn't interfere with the drinks flavors.

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