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Joe Revezzo

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ok, im new, but cool, so listen up. vodka is vodka. so this taste test is friz vs tito's. both are good, but cosidering the " total" taste i got to go with friz. it's cheaper by half, and again vodka is vodka. ive tested ketel one, chopin, and sobiesk, and out of the 4 friz winz. not only for the price, but for the taste. unless a vodka steps up, and proves to me to me vodka isnt vodka its friz for me.

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Ketel One

hey. my nane is Joe and this is my first post. well im 7 shots in so here i go: im new to vodka but im a smart dude. i started off with ketel one and worked my way up. ketel one is better than chopin. i wanted to test grain vodka to potato vodka and ketel one won. nether are worth over $20 so i would go to something else.

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.RU Classic

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