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I always drink vodka straight that is kept in the freezer. I sip it from a tall shot glass thats filled 3/4 the way up. And I never drink flavored vodka. That being said Fris is my favorite vodka so far. I reserve 5 stars just in case, so thats why I only rated it a 4. But this vodka is pretty smooth, with very little burn. But it's got a sweet after taste. And for $9 a bottle this takes top billing for me.

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It is true, there is a slight difference between the clear bottle and the blue. but not enough for me to change my score. I never rate anything a five, so for the price ($9) and the taste its still a four.

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Russian Standard

I wont give nothing a five (untill that one special vodka comes), however Ive only given one other vodka a four, Fris. This stuff tastes better than Fris, but is twice as much ($17 in Ohio)-hence the two four rankings. This stuff also has a nice smell, and a cool bottle (not that those things matter). When Im short on cash Ill go with Fris, but when I have the dough its Russian Standard.

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Wanted to compare potato vodka to grain so I got Chopin and Ketel One. I did notice a difference. But I didnt really like this vodka. Not because it's made from potatoes, but it seemed harsh. Plus for the money wasnt worth it.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

This aint bad vodka, though I tried it next to Fris so that took away from it. It has a nice finish, and a good price. I'd buy it again. I want to do a side by side comparison with Ketel One and see which one I like better.

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Ketel One

I like Ketel One. It's a little harsh but in a good way. I liked it better than Chopin. Plus I never got a hangover from it. Actually woke up feeling good. It has a good price ($23) so I'll buy it again.

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Hangar One Vodka

Im 38 and I have heart disease so Im not allowed no oils or sugars, and such. So I started to drink this stuff and its very good, but then I was reading that it's distilled with wine and had to stop. Its my understanding that not all the sugar is fermented in wine, hence the sweetness (compared tp vodka). Speaking of which this is a good tasting vodka. If your into Grey Goose go here instead-Hanger One is way better for the same price.

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I helped my uncle move some stuff, in return he gave me a bottle of this stuff. It's not bad at all. Not really worth the price, but not bad at all. Along the lines of a Ketel One.

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I don't rate nothing a 5 (saving that for the ultimate vodka). And this stuff aint it. For $14 not bad, but I wont buy it again. It reminds me of Svedka, but a little less harsh. For $5 less go get Fris. It's the only vodka I've rated a 4 so far.

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A typical vodka with a good price. However gave me hangover a few times. Don't know if I buy it again.

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Stolichnaya is typical. I kept it in the freezer and I was surprised it wasn't so bad. Actually I started to get into in but I had two other vodkas next to it and it started to show it's weakness. Plus at the end of each sip it started to get to me. For the price (same as Tito's) i might buy it again.

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Svedka has a good price about $11 but I don't think I'd buy it again. It's not cheap or anything like that, it's just a little mechanical from start to finish.

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Grey Goose

This stuff aint bad but for the money ($33) It's not worth it. It's pretty smooth at first but then at the end it's a little harsh. I tasted nothing special about it, but then I keep my vodka in the freezer. No Alexander The Grape here.

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With the passing of the holidays I was fortunate enough to try yet another vodka. So as Seinfeld played in the background I removed the bottle from the freezer and poured 3/4 the way up my shot glass. Actually before I poured I stuck my nose to the bottle and took a big wiff. Right there I knew something was wrong. This stuff smelled like rubbing alcohol a little. At first it goes down smooth, but then mid way and at the end it's some what harsh. Lastly, the taste is nothing to right home about. For $11 it's worth it but I wont be buying this stuff again.

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Not too bad, but for the price not worth buying again. Get Fris or Svedka of Luksusowa instead. Or that Bruce Willis stuff.

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So finally tried this stuff. It aint too bad, but for the price not worth buying again.

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Remember in the "Chinese Connection" when the sambo guy said "three drinks", well after three drinks of this stuff I can give you a review. It has a good smell once you uncork it (not that that means anything). And it is quite smooth at first sip. Next is a very nutty taste, which I dont mind, but from there it gets harsh. From the nutty taste, to the harshness, to the price, I probably wont be buying this vodka again.

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