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matt meskiel

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Russian Standard

best vodka...period....no bitter after taste....smooth...like water.great for mixing or straight.they know what they are doing.....I could drink this for breakfast.

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this...is a great vodka.....i bought a bottle after reading the reviews.i went to buy a bottle...lo and behold....the bottle had changed from clear bottle to a blue bottle.i bought the last clear bottle...on a hunch.i got home looked on wiki.....it is now a product of canada.hence the change in the bottle.im glad i bought the last clear glass bottle.if its made in canada now...i doubt it tastes the same.shame.

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this...is one fine vodka.$10.95 where I come from.the price stuns me.low for such high quality.one of my fave vodkas.

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I cant wrap my head around the low price.this is some good vodka.smooth with great taste.one of my fave grain based vodkas.

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Polar Ice

great vodka....don't know why it gets a bad rating....from the snobs it does...very smooth.fantastic price point....slight sweetness at end....from the wheat.goes well with anything.one of my faves.

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