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Chris brannigan

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Chase Marmalade

Chase have risen quickly in the vodka world and the Marmalade version shows wise. The orange flavour is delicious and the vodka is smooth with very little burn. Been drinking with ice and it needs nothing else with it.

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Crystal Head

the reviews on this site for Crystal Head make me worry a little for the quality control where it is produced, some people talking about burn and disgusting flavour and "smirnoff grade" - the bottle I tried certainly was nothing like that! What I tasted was smooth and delicious with no burn what so ever. I drank it both on ice and neat at room temp and enjoyed both methods. One of the more expensive vodka's I've tried and while the vodka is delicious, your probably adding on an extra $10 for the bottle...still I'm sure I'll be buying a second!

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Wasn't expeting much from this as I assumed the popularity was all hype due to the Diddy connection but was pleasantly surprised. The fact it's made from grapes gives it a different taste to most vodkas and a sweet after taste. Been drinking it with just ice and it's delicious.

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Robert Cavalli

Robert Cavalli was described as a luxury vodka, I'm fairly new to this super-premium vodka market but wanted to give this a try. It was very nice, a strong vodka flavour but with no burn what so ever. Texturally it's very thin and not as syrupy as a couple of the other vodka's I've tried in this market. The price tag was very high at £40GBP per bottle and that was on offer!

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Nemiroff Lex

After seeing Nemiroff Distinct as a double gold winner at the SFSC last year I wanted to try it. Unable to find anyone in the UK that sold it I decided to try the Nemiroff Lex - packed in a very nice triagular bottle which looks great on the shelf. What was inside was a little thicker than your average vodka, and, while quite nice and with almost no burn, it does have quite a strange nutty after taste that wont be for everyone. Personally I prefer a fruity after taste so was not a huge fan of this one. It will sit nicely on display on my Vodka Shelf but I probably wont drink much of it!

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