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Exclusiv Vodka

Usually have vodka w/ tonic...my favorite drink. Tonight I found this at my local store, thought I'd give it a try. Wow! It was SO smooth I had to try a sip just by itself. Honestly, was blown away. A pleasant sweet note, but otherwise a very clean finish. Highly recommend.

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Exclusiv Vodka

Well, I suppose I'm a full fledged vodkaphile...never before have I even considered making comment on a vodka (tho I've tried many). It was Exclusiv that prompted it all. I've had the best and the worst, over the years. Compared prices, etc. Long ago I was and still am, a fan of wine (even have family in the business). But for me... vodka somehow stole the show. It has its own complexity too afterall. Well, glad to share my thoughts on a truly fantastic spirit. I for one have asked my local store to order and keep on stock...since I know eventually it will sell. For now...a sip and a toast!

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tried this after a recommendation (and a challenge to compare). I found Tito's passable. Fairly decent for the price and all. But not sold entirley. Not as smooth a finish. And for the price and the "hand made" marketing...just didn't hold up. The challenge? Exclusiv vs Tito's. Sorry, Exclusiv wins.

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Pretty decent. A little medicinal with some sharp tones in the mouth and throat. Prob not my choice to drink straight...but completely fine for mixed drinks. The price can't be beat so some of my points went to that...since we can't all afford the high end stuff!

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Seriuosly, this is the vodka to buy if you're low on funds and are not a vodkaphile. Most importantly, if you plan on using it to mix. Totally passable. Not the greatest...but not horrible either. It's definitely a "go to" for run of the mill drinks, w/ friends, etc and won't break the bank.

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Well, here's another case of PR. Yeah, its pretty much garbage if you're expecting much. The price is ridiculous, given that there are many start ups that would challenge. Absolut had its day when there wasn't much else on the shelf. If you find yourself reaching for it as an old stand by...perhaps its time to try something else?

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Of course with all vodkas...you can get drunk. And w/ Smirnoff you can do so with almost any flavor imaginable. But be advised...you may want to re-think that decision! Seriuosly...turn back NOW!

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