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Aaron English

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First Vodka I ever tried. Not the smoothest and it does have a burn but it is available most places and is fairly cheap. So no real complaints.

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Orloff 100 Proof Vodka

I was looking to try a 100 proof vodka and the price was right at only $9.00 a bottle so I bought it. I wasn’t expecting much, but all in all it’s not too bad. It’s pretty potent and a little harsh when taken straight, but it doesn’t burn or taste dirty. It tastes better than Absolut anyway. I probably won’t buy it again, simply because I find it too harsh and not very smooth. But for the price I can’t complain…

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Plastic bottle, tastes dirty, unrefined, bitter and super acidic. Drank it chilled and got a stomach ache, my sister in law drank it at room temperature and puked that night and the next morning.... Stay away!

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