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It's art in a bottle, great taste, great flavors and this oily aspect typical to potatoe Vodka. Highly recommended.

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And old classic, a true classic that will never go out of style. It's art in a bottle, smooth taste and low burn, I highly recommend it.

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Russian Standard

My all time favorite Vodka, great taste, no burning in the mouth, it's smooth and drinks like water. And here in France this masterpiece Vodka is cheaper than Absolut, and we all know that Absolut is not good. I highly recommend Russian Standard, simply the best.

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Grey Goose

A good Vodka, a little expensive and not the kind you will mix, but one you will sip. Sadly I live in the country where it's made and it's more expensive here than in other places, it's even cheaper in the USA, strange when you know it's takes an ocean to travel for it to hit US shlelves.

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Crystal Head

Very expensive for what it is. I guess you pay for the nice bottle. I bought two bottles, and I was very disapointed, sure it's good vodka and far superior than the majority of vodka's, but far behind Russian Standard, Stoli, Chopin or Grey Goose. Has for the bottle I turned one into a lava lamp and the other into a water bottle for the table.

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Not a good Vodka, and I don't understand why it's so popular, must be the marketing and the beautifull bottle. And it's expensive, I can get Russian Standard for the same price. I don't recommend it.

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This is the backyard moonshine of the Vodka world, it taste bad, it burns in the mouth and it's not even good for mixing. I don't recommend this to anyone.

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