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Magyar Svensk

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Youri Dolgoruki

The nose has a real sense of place: fresh and glacial, creamy, wet stone character. Silky on the palate with a slow attack of creamy, toasty, doughy flavors that I would normally associate with vintage champagne. Caressing finish. Best vodka I have tried and a real shame it is no longer around.

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Lovely nose--fresh and complex with a subtle outdoorsy aroma. Sharp orchestrated attack on the palate that surprises with its complexity and flavor without tasting "flavored." Tingly and numbing with a resonant finish.

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Nose is soft and astringent at the same time with a wisp of smoke. Creamy mouthfeel, sweet sensation with abundant citrus. Rounded medium finish. Great for after dinner. Wins the Pepsi challenge handily against others in this price range.

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Khortytsa Classic

Toasty nose that follows through on the palate with an impressive attack and delicious sweetness. The finish is dynamic and euphoric. Simple yet fundamentally sound.

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The Tall Blond

First time I tried this was at Red Square in Las Vegas. Bright, focused fresh grain and citrus carry throughout. Flavor and finish sensation are top notch. The extra 250 mL will come in handy.

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Russian Standard

Subtle hearth aromas. Interesting metallic/industrial notes. Medium body and flavor with toast and citrus. Rather short finish, but a quality vodka for enjoyment with a meal.

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Imperia (Russian Standard)

Subtly complex nose with herbal notes. Good attack on the palate: creamy, metallic, herbal, cinnamon....nice roundness. Very pleasant.

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Highly recommended at Red Square in Las Vegas. Great looking bottle that makes me thirsty. High toned nose with citrus and botanicals. Smacks the palate with vodka flavor and big on the finish. Tastes more Baltic than Russian, but no complaints here.

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Zelyonaya Marka (Green Mark)

Clean spring water aromas. Rather neutral flavor with plenty of balance through the finish. The nose has some character, but otherwise I would not consider this distinctive.

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Grey Goose

Nose is quite neutral. Hard to make out anything. Medium-light mouthfeel--okay, I think I got something flavor-wise: quite fruity indeed, a nice bouquet. The finish is nervous, but nice and long. Good, not great.

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Cristall Signature Series

Creamy lemon theme throughout. Good flavor but lacks clarity, structure and power. An enjoyable shot.

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Fresh nose, not very giving. Great fruity flavors on the palate with an emphasis on citrus. The finish lacks power and roundness, but this is a tasty shot.

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Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry

Sadly, I couldn't choke this one down and had to toss the bottle. The raspberry component was weak and didn't add much, and the vodka base was very poor quality--smelled and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Hopefully I just got a bad batch.

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