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Russian Standard

Russian Standard Original is a well made vodka, but I didn't care for the taste when drank neat. But Its a AAA+ mixer. Its good, but I don't like this one on its own. Maybe I'm used to lesser vodkas.

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Stoli is great - for what it is. Its not fair to try to compare a vodka like this to a premium brand. Would you compare Popov to Stolichnaya?

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Polar Ice

Average mixing vodka. Not great but nothing wrong with it either. Its okay.

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Absolute is just average. I don't know why this is such a big seller. People need to sample some good vodkas. Even stoli doesn't compare to good vodka.

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Smirnoff is just okay. It doesn't deserve to be put down the way some reviewers trash it. Its not great but it'll do. I'll drink Smirnoff, but I won't buy it.

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Russian Prince

Another cheap vodka, but I've has worse. Russian Prince is good enough to pass around the backyard when barbequing hotdogs and drinking beer.

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Banff Ice

Banff Ice is cheap vodka that has been well filtered. You can't make cheap vodka into good vodka. Its still just cheap vodka.

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Alberta Pure Vodka

Quite rough. Alberta Pure is a cheap drink. Only good for chasing with cheap beer.

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In a past review I said I'd had worse. This is it. Popov. Its just awful. You don't need a drink that bad.

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