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Alexandr Sharakoff

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All sympathies or antipathies aside. All haters or fans aside. Let me review this Vodka for you, as it should be reviewed. First of all, I need to give credit to Skyy for the bottle. The form, the design and the color are absolutely beautiful. To be honest, it made me wonder wether it's taste could keep up with it's looks. I opened the bottle, and smelled it. At that point I wasn't too much convinced, as it had a slightly pungent alcoholic odor to it, just like a cheap vodka, although, without the disinfectant notes. It just smelled of alcohol. Well, as it was about room-temperature, I poured a small amount and let it stand for 2 minutes. The waiting time did it good, and it started to develop character upon smelling it, though feint and distant, like it was clouded by the smell of the alcohol. At this point, I had hopes for the Vodka, but I didn't think that it would indeed be a good one. Tasting it made me realize that I was wrong. It's smoothness is astonishing, as well as it's taste. A little unbalanced in the beginning, but after mere seconds it develops a vanilla / cocoa bean taste, underlined with slight hints of ripe summer and autumn fruits. As it goes down, it releases a little more of it's flavors, giving it an almost round taste, with only slight notes of alcohol. Upon further examination, I found out, that it is indeed one of the finest Vodkas for Cocktails, but can easily enjoyed neat, if chilled to about 18°C it develops it's best taste, and can easily compete with vodkas that cost twice as much. I haven't tried out wether it will really not give me a hangover, as I am drinking responsibly and without purpouse of getting too drunk. I can imagine, that it could give you a need to vomit, as all alcohol does, if consumed in lange quantities, and it might do so in the morning after consumption too, but it will most definitely not give you a headache, as it contains an incredibly low amount of impurities. (I read it on the internet, and had a friend of mine check it with a chromatography.) For that price a very decent Vodka, I rate it the following: nose: 3 out of 5 taste: 4 out of 5 neat enjoyability: 4 out of 5 mixed enjoyability: 5 out of 5 value/price: 5 out of 5 thus concluding my review, I give this Vodka a solid 4 points, because it lacks the character of a master's upper class spirit. Note that this is NOT a rating that depends much on the pricing, but very much on quality. In it's pricerange, I'd give if 5 out of 5 with distinction. Other Vodkas I rate 4/5 are: Grey Goose, Russian Standard, Chopin, Belvedere

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