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Grey Goose

I really want to love Grey Goose, but I just can't. Maybe because of the advertising, or cool bottle, but based on taste and experience I find it to be an average to slightly above average drink. For $30 a bottle there are plenty of better options. Its nice to have on hand, you may have friends who want it, and now and then Ill make a drink with it. But if $30 is your price range and you are looking for a wheat based vodka to drink neat or with ice, try Chopin wheat or ZYR.

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I usually drink vodka with some water and ice, and this is not one to do that with. Sobieski is ok for what it is, a cheap alcohol delivery device. I can't expect for $12 a bottle it would be pleasant to drink alone. Since it probably isn't geared towards doing that, I won't give it lower than a 3. The rye is prevalent in the nose and taste, just too medicinal and harsh to sip. That is, of course, only my reaction to it and opinion. A half pint is around $3.50, so if you are interested thats a good way to give it a try.

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