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I gave Stoli 5 stars because imo you can't get better in the UK for the price. We get stung on taxes & price for alcohol here so it's not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. It's an adult vodka, so ppl looking for a watery alco taste with no body probably won't like Stoli. It has a rich, smooth taste that doesn't burn or have a nasty after taste. Ketel One is lovely, however Stoli just pips it to the post for me. Better than Belvedere as that's too non descript & tasteless. Sure Grey Goose is better but then it should be as it's about double the price. Stoli gives GG a good run for it's money tho & second to GG & Ciroc Berry.

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Grey Goose L'Orange

Quite simply the best vodka I have ever tasted & I've tasted many. Smooth, fresh BUT with body & substance. Superb, natural taste & aroma. Never had any hangover or stomach upsets with GG. Quite the opposite, I find it gives me a soothing feeling at the end of a day.

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Grey Goose

2nd place only to GG L'orange for me. I 1st tried this years ago, pre all the hype, served on crushed ice with cranberry juice & a wedge of lime. GG has been my top benchmark vodka ever since. Probably not the choice for ppl who prefer a very light tasting vodka. GG does have a clean taste combined with a soothing richness. A night of drinking this has never given me a hangover or upset stomach. Quite the opposite, I find it a pleasing, soothing drink. Yes it's expensive & Stoli & Ketel One give it a good run for it's money imo but for me GG is the best.

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42 Below Vodka

This one is rather unremarkable, non deescript, pretty average really. OK so that's not too bad but it's really expensive for what it is imo, at about £23 for a 0.7L bottle in the UK. Yes it's miles better than Smirnoff red label but then, let's face it that wouldn't be difficult imo. This just tastes like a mass produced, basic vodka to me.

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Sorry but for the price this is sold for in the UK I don't find this vodka a pleasant drink or value for money. Gave 2 stars as it's drinkable. Just tastes like how I'd imagine watered down alcohol to taste. No smoothness, no actual noticeable taste, no richness or body. Marginally better than Smirnoff red label but imo that wouldn't be exactly difficult to achieve. Also made my stomach feel rough the day after eventho I'd only had a modest amount.

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I'm sorry but this stuff is really awful imo. Imagine meths watered down to sufficient proof % & that's Smirnoff to me. Unfortunately, gawd knows why but every pub & club in the UK gives us this as the standard & often only vodka option. If I don't limit myself when out to 3-4 single shots of this gunk with a mixer I'm ill the next day. Live & learn as they say. It's ruff stuff on my insides.

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This stuff is cheap but really is not nice at all imo. In the UK it's the choice of ppl who generally just want to get off their face. Deffo in the category of "loony juice" imo. Drank it when I was younger, no money so not a lot of choice. Got given it at an evening out recently. I had a few sips to be polite. Reminded me of how awful it really is.

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