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Khortytsa Platinum

Have to agree, Khortytsa Platinum is one of the best and my current favorite. Smooth with clean character and a hint of oats. Makes an excellent martini or drunk straight. Don't waste it in a mixer.

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Yes, this is an ultra smooth vodka best enjoyed straight or with a bit of ice. It is so gentle that it almost disappears in a martini - overwhelmed by the vermouth and olive.

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Extra Zytnia Vodka

Had to add my review to up the rating a bit as I notice that many reviewers on this site mistakenly give one star to a vodka that they actually like. Extra Zytnia is a great rye based vodka at a terrific price. It has a subtle edge and slightly buttery flavour. Love it!

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Silver Lake Vodka

Not sure what the reviewer Dave was drinking (maybe he got a bad batch), but every bottle of Silver Lake I've had has been incredible. Velvet and full texture, an almost sake-like scent, maybe because it's rice based, and the smoothest finish you will ever find. A truely unique vodka.

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Finally had a chance try Zyr while visiting friends in Wisconsin this summer (it's not available where I live in Canada) and it lives up to the hype - very smooth and full bodied vodka with minimal after burn. It's in my top five!

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Pan Tadeusz

This is a great vodka with some surprising qualities. Straight up it's full bodied with a clear rye flavour like the better Russian and Ukrainian vodkas. But Pan Tadeusz also has strong high notes that give it an " in your face" brightness. When mixed with ice or in a martini, the high notes disappear and a darker grain quality and subtle fruit textures become apparent. Truly an excellent vodka!

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This is a kick ass vodka! I have had a few others that have more subtle qualities, but Sobieski is as balanced and strong as they come. It has a clear rye bite, but is smooth with a clean finish. Better than Wyborowa and Finlandia. Great straight or as a mixer.

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Here's where reviews get tricky (read: subjective). I can taste and appreciate the quality of Zirkova but personally speaking, it's not my cup of tea. It's a bit grainy (as many Russian vodkas are - and I know, it's from Ukraine), and has a few high notes that don't sit right. Kind of reminds me of Slava Ultra Premium but less balanced. I would give it 3.5 if I could.

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Youri Dolgoruki

Very well made, clean simple vodka. It's not a "knockout" but goes down smooth, well balanced, and makes a fine martini. Reminds me of Koskenkorva but a bit more grainy. And it's reasonably priced, at least in my region.

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Hangar One Vodka

I was happy to finally test this vodka after years of reading reviews about it. I understand the polemic here - the fact that its distilled with grain AND wine gives it a distinct character that not everyone will like. Doesn't work well in a martini, for example. However, it does have a unique quality that might appeal to some, including myself, on the rocks, for example. Final verdict: worth a shot.

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Blue Lobster

Came across this while travelling in Nova Scotia and was pleasantly surprised. For a relatively new company, Blue Lobster is a very balanced and nuanced vodka. Slightly sweet with a hint of grain. Reminds me a bit of Finlandia but it is smoother and with a less spicy finish (excuse the pun). I had no trouble drinking it straight, on ice or in a martini.

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This was a VERY nice surprise. Picked up a bottle of Flyte, which is made in my region, mostly because options are limited here and I like to experiment. Flyte is made with a corn base and unsurprisingly, is reminiscent of Tito's. However, it's a bit lighter in texture, almost like water, with a definite grain taste to ground it and a slight peppery finish. What can I say - I was blown away by an inexpensive, well balanced, local vodka. Nat as sublime as an elite vodka, but I would give it 4 and 1/2 stars if I could. Check it out!

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This vodka is awesome for the price. One of those overlooked drinks that fall between the cracks. It's balanced, nuanced and has a full mouthfeel without being overwhelming. Works in a variety of contexts. You won't be disappointed!

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I first tried Zubrowka many years ago and liked it immensely, but tired of it before the bottle was empty. Now I have a new bottle and the result is the same. It does have a unique flavour, but that said, it IS flavoured vodka. The grass is a lovely aroma, with hints of cinnamon and a slight burn. But it is not, by any means, a really good vodka. For true vodka drinkers, it's a gimmick.

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Grey Goose

It's OK. Subtle aroma of lavender and a smooth-ish finish make this vodka quite drinkable (straight, not mixed). But don't be fooled by the price or hype. There are many better vodkas for a LOT less money.

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I've been reading reviews on Vodkaphiles for years now and have benefitted greatly from its collected experience. But I have to add my two cents worth on Reyka because I recently went to Iceland and picked up a bottle on the strength of the positive reviews here. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Mike above; Reyka has a strong mineral aftertaste and a harsh bite. There are many better vodkas for the same price.

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.RU Classic

Yes, This is an excellent vodka. Nothing fancy, no extra flavors or infusions, but a solid, clean and smoothly textured vodka with little burn.

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This stuff is awful. With so many great vodkas in the world, don't bother.

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