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Russian Standard Premium

This is probably my newest favorite Vodka. I cooled it down to about 17 deg F today. Incredibly smooth, the back of my throat became numb, and my entire body is warm. I've had a few vodka's in my time, but good god this one is.., Wow. If you are lucky enough to find this, get it and try it. Phenomenal!!!

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I was surprised to find this vodka in my regular store. This Vodka was somewhat smooth, did not numb my throat or warm my body. It is what it is. A good Vodka. Somewhere in the vicinity of Grey Goose. Just a bit smoother...

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Now this Vodka is smooth when cooled below 20 deg F. It gets harsher as the temperature of the Vodka goes up. that being said, Vodka is suppose to be cooled down to the teens in temperature to enjoy in shots. That's why i give it a 4. The price is very high for a good vodka. If the price went down a bit, then i would be able to give that final star

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

First of all, I guess I'm a purist. I like to drink Vodka in shots. on occasion, I get a Martini or two, so here is what I found. As a shot drink, its terrible. Like gasoline. As a Mixed drink, it depends. Olive Martini... is also terrible. Apple Martini or something sweet, Tito's give the drink another layer. So if you want sweet mixed drinks, Tito's is pretty darn good. For a straight shot cold or not, or a non sweet drink, its god awful. Giving this a 3 cause its missing a balance, but has high points if you get it with an apple martini or something of the sort.

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Grey Goose

Fantastic Vodka for mixed drinks like Martini's, LII tea, or screwdriver. But not very good for straight shots.

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