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Alberta Pure Vodka

If your looking for the best then this is the vodka to run from in the opposite direction just like one of bill Cosbys drinks; it has an initial taste of "oh this is not bad!" But then it hits you it tastes of vanilla that someone spilled massive amount of acetone and MEK into (tastes the same as they smell) but on the other hand you can pick up a bottle on sale for less then $15 so if your simply looking to get drunk spend the other $5 and get literally anything else. This is a drink I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and should only be give to the most Heinous of Devils like Ivan the terrible, Adolf hitler and Hillary Clinton. I'd rather sacrifice myself to the Aztec God of the sun then buy this again; it's not even suitable to use in a Molotov cocktail as I'd be afraid of the poor souls I threw it upon getting some on it in their mouths.

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