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Alberta Pure Vodka

Alberta Pure Premium Purely misses the premium mark. Like many people who have tried this vodka, I too was intrigued by the ads and the awards that it had won, claiming it to be a premium product. But sadly to say Alberta pure premium vodka is by no means a premium drink. I was hoping for a Great product at a fair price but after trying it, I would classify it in the ranks of Smirnoff and absolute and skyy. I enjoy my vodkas and while I'm not an expert it's very easy to tell the difference between Alberta pure and a high-quality one like Grey Goose or Pravda. It's price point puts it on par with the other vodkas of its quality and while it's not terrible, it's definitely a drink for mixing and not for drinking straight. It has a harsh smell, bitter taste and burns on the way down. If you're looking for premium quality then I suggest you look elsewhere - as for vodkas in this price point might I suggest Stolichnaya as a good alternative, it's no Grey Goose but from what I have tried it is one of the best vodkas in that price range.

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