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Only available in Ukraine, recently it has become available at the duty-free shop in Kiev (Borispil) airport. I was raised on vodka, and to me it is the most pure, soft and smooth vodka I've ever tried. It also goes very well for Martini, has no smell whatsoever, doesn't create a hangover. It has a sister brand, called Pervak, which is almost as good, but not as smooth - cost less than a half of what Hetman would.
Reviewer: Alex

Especially the "Kiev" label.
Reviewer: rscowboy

The absolute best vodka! If you are lucky enough to find a bottle of this in the US, don't miss the chance to taste it.
Reviewer: Matt

Warm nose, orange peel, clove, fresh wheat and peppercorn hints, medium, bright finish with a touch of spice on the palate. Both Poland and Ukraine produce a vodka under this name, and I've found that they are both pleasant mixed wheat vodkas, that go well with a healthy serving of pierogies and fresh sour cream !
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

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