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Russian Bear

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I am by no means a vodka expert, i thought i would just fill you in on this interesting little development in South africa: Russian Bear. A bold tasting, aromatic vodka for the assertive, It boasts with a six colomb distillation process, hence being the Winner of Six silver medals in the Monde awards from '00 to '03. Produced and Bottled in South Africa by edward snell & co.
Reviewer: Christa Stein

Got a taste of the Energy Fusion after having been a fan of Sky Vodka and there's no comparison: The Bear is smoother, less intrusive and mixes well with just sparkling water.
Reviewer: Salatiso

not the most expensive vodka on the shelf, but not the cheapest either here in South Africa. A good mid range priced vodka in my opinion with aroma, bold taste and a good quality appearance. goes without saying, best served cold.
Reviewer: Jonathan Wright

An excellent priced vodka with great taste, texture, smell and after taste. Best served at -18 degrees Celsius. It might not be true Russian, but the South African brand comes damn close. Great way to wind down a hot summers day, and begin a hot summers night of partying!
Reviewer: Ivan Wright

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