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Seagram's Extra Smooth

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A great vodka - very smooth, clean, crisp and very drinkable. Its five column distillation, wholly made in Indiana! Not very chic but very nice and easy to mix and drink!! Its has a spot in my liquor cabinet!!!
Reviewer: Sarah

Very excellent vodka; price notwithstanding; (it's inexpensive); as smooth as goose... (yes; you read that right)
Reviewer: scott

For the price; this Vodka cannot be beat. It is exceptionally smooth and easy to drink dressed only with an olive.
Reviewer: rick

Very nice vodka. Has a very strong medicinal smell, however. Good mixed or straight.
Reviewer: Bill Everwood

Excellent value for the price, but not the greatest vodka you'll ever drink, by far. Smoother than regular Seagram's, but still has that signature Seagram's citrusy aftertaste.
Reviewer: DJC

While probably not up there with a couple of vodkas costing 2-3 as much when drunk straight, this is simply an excellent value. I'm not sure that there's any reason to go elsewhere for a vodka/juice drink or Bloody Mary. Hangover potential seems low.
Reviewer: Tad Early

I liked the taste, it's unique.
Reviewer: John

I gave this vodka a 5 only because the review would not let me go any higher. In my experience with vodka this is the best flavor of any I've ever tasted! Bar none. I have been a vodka drinker for a good many years and I like it better than any other. This includes all the most expensive brands. SMOOTH, Does well with mixer's.
Reviewer: Janeen

As a yacht Captain I'm exposed to all the supposed high end stuff. My 86yo Mom told me about Extra Smooth & my crew & I have blind tested everything. This stuff is almost like drinking water. Just put it in an Elit' bottle! LOL
Reviewer: Captain Robert High

I have been drinking this vodka with cranberry and with v8 hot and spicy bloody mary also with a rockstar to get your saturday morning off to the foxes. Very nice and im really a scotch man. This vodka is a winner as stated on here by my fellow vodka connoisseurs. Good value.
Reviewer: Mike

This vodka actually smells like yogurt!has anyone else noticed that. I bought it because it ranks high in all of the vodka forums. It tastes great mixed. For sure smooth. Filtered Buzz and Brazillian axe handle for flavor.
Reviewer: randy wells

I was pleasantly surprised. I am a vodka and tonic drinker, and for the price, this one is hard to beat.
Reviewer: vince

well beyond my expectations... I've been drinking goose martinis for years and also kettle -- this stuff in insanely smooth and has a crisp that goes great with a drop or vermouth (making a "dry" martini but not just vodka up). Add a few jalapeno stuffed olives and enjoy!
Reviewer: Ralph

This vodka is truly a hidden gem. When they say extra smooth, they mean it! I also prefer the taste of Seagram's extra smooth to most pricier brands. I don't use mixers but its great for mixing. I keep it in my freezer for shots only. You won't find a better vodka for the price. I typically pay under $20 for a 1.75 L bottle! Try it and you will be impressed.
Reviewer: Rob

I thought it was okay for the price, but did not come close to my personal favorite, Stoli in taste.
Reviewer: Dee

This vodka is really smooth and mixes great with just about anything. Every time I say I'm done with it I find myself back at its doorstep.
Reviewer: Chop

Great stuff. I am a whisky/bourbon/scotch person usually. Most of the time I have to mix vodka in something. The westher is getting warm and I wanted to make some frozen drinks. After tasting this straight out of the bottle, it won't be be mixed. This stuff is great neat and chilled, withan olive in it. Or maybe, 2 drops of bitters in it. I love this stuff. It doesn't taste or smell like rubbing alcohol. Greqt flavored finish.
Reviewer: Jackal

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