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Stockholm Kristall

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This Swedish vodka really surprised me. I purchased the great looking bottle for 9.99, hoping that it would measure up to my Youri Dolgoruki . After opening the gorgeous long stemed corked bottle, I enjoying it's smooth and mellow taste. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Shannon Bruce

Saw that International Wine and Spirits Association gave SK a medal. I tried it and it was really top drawer. Superior to those at twice the price.
Reviewer: Nick Sabatasso

Paying upwards of $18 a bottle (750ml) for most of the "premiere" imported Vodkas, I have been less than thrilled with many of them. Having a natural affinity for Scandanavian spirits, I decided to try a new vodka I'd recently come across from Sweden...Stockholm Kristall. I purchased the 750 ml simple, yet classy bottle for $13.95 at Vons (w/Club Card). I was quite impressed with its distinctive, yet smooth taste. I found it to be as good, if not better than many of the other imported vodkas priced at $18+ on the market today. I will definately be returning for more, especially at the very reasonable price!
Reviewer: Charles Leibert

excellent price, lovly smell, clean taste, good buzz, no hangover after drinking a lot.
Reviewer: CJ

I found the vodka poor in taste, bad nose and over priced. They need to give it awat for anyone to taste it.
Reviewer: pedro koval

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