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Taaka Platinum

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it is very nice and smooth
Reviewer: cathyann r. harris

This is definitely a price performer. A group of us have done blindfold testing and it rates up there with some of the top shelf vodkas. Very smooth, and if you prefer a lighter tasting Vodka you will like it.
Reviewer: DCB

u love taaka i made a religion where i only drink taaka, so far so good
Reviewer: shann

Extremely smooth, especially out of the freezer.
Reviewer: B.Jackson

7x distilled is best. don't care for the 3x distilled.
Reviewer: Justina

A very nice,smooth, inexpensive vodka. I use it mostly for making delicious vodka gimlets on the rocks with Roses Lime Juice. Keep the vodka very cold for best results
Reviewer: Bill (age 77)

I've enjoyed Platinum 7X for awhile now, my local liqour store usually has it on sale around $14 for a 1.75 litre bottle. I like it in my Bloody Marys. I'm not much of a straight vodka drinker but I've had shots of this from the freezer and found it very smooth. I re entered my review because I did not rate it right the first time.
Reviewer: Len Saari

i bought this after reading the reviews.everyone is right.this is a great vodka.the price is amazing for such high quality.this is one of my fav. bottom shelf vodkas....if you can call it that.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

6 bottles in a row I bought were the centerpiece comes out when you take the cap off I'm getting ready to switch over to a different brand this is ridiculous get in touch with your quality department
Reviewer: John

plastic bottle at 7-11 has comperable qualities. 200ml is just right to conceal from boss, unlike the 'jack' single barrel. a drinkable vodka, invisible/sprite.
Reviewer: lallen

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