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Country: RussiaDistilled from: Luxe grainCompany: A.V. Imports
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Wine Enthusiant gave this vodka a rating of Superb, and they got it right. This is one of the best vodkas I have even tasted. It is incredibly smooth, yet it doesn't sacrifice flavor at all. Any real vodka drinker owes it ti himself to give this a try.
Reviewer: Justin Smith

A very nice vodka, and one of my personal favorites. I knew it was a good idea to hunt around the slim local pickings for some genuine Russian vodka. Kutskova is easy enough to down like a russian muzhik, but also has enough flavor to make it worth enjoying. While slightly harsh, this vodka departs with a clean, slightly lingering burn that longs to be chased with another drink.
Reviewer: Muzhik

I'm not a Vodka "Geek" but have had my share of it over the years. I bought a small [750 mil] bottle of it to give it a taste. Really good stuff! I know nothing about 'finishes' and things like that, but this Vodka deserves a Gold Medal!
Reviewer: Mark D.

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