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Dripping Springs Vodka

Reviews to date: 6Average score: 5
Country: USDistilled from: cornCompany: San Luis Spirits, Inc.
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I'm a veteran vodka drinker and a bartender at a resort in Texas. When I first tried Dripping Springs I was pleasantly surprised at the crystal clear taste and the long smooth finish. There's a hint of sweetness and you can also taste a trace of the mineral-rich Texas Hill Country spring water that they use to hand craft this vodka. It's micro-distilled 20 times in small proprietary copper stills and then filtered through charcoal. The best martini I've ever had! No vermouth needed.
Reviewer: Vicky Braden

Reviewer: Tom Servaux

I'm frankly not much of a vodka connoisseur although I can appreciate Grey Goose, Stoli, ketel one, etc. but they just don't fit into my budget so I buy Taaka (cough). Recently, I read about Dripping Springs from a note on the shelf. I had to try it. I added no vermouth, no olive juice, no olives just shook it up with ice and poured it. I can see why it scooped the aforementioned vodka's. I've been bragging about it ever since and now its my brand regardless of cost.
Reviewer: Robert W. Kerrigan

Best tasting vodka I've ever had. Incredibly smooth it mixes nicely. Just perfect! Especially for the price you just cannot beat it.
Reviewer: lauren

One of very bright and beautiful vodka's in the world. Very smooth. Wouldn't have been able to try it unless I was in Texas recently. The small batches and purity makes it one of the finest vodkas I've every had cross my lips. No burn. Subtle hits exquisite mineral water.
Reviewer: Eric Francis

There are better vodkas at its price.It is not good chilled or straight A corn vodka that has a little Gabitterness in the aftertaste
Reviewer: Gary

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