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Country: EnglandDistilled from: GrainCompany: burlington drinks
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I bought my bottle in a nightshop in Antwerp. I was thinking yet another vodka, but this time with a scorpion in the bottle. But boy was I wrong. I already took a taster before I came home to but it in the freezer. And was surprised by the taste and smell. Totally not like most vodka's I have drunken so far. It's only a 37,5% alc. The closest think i could compare it with is Zubrowka the Bison Grass vodka from poland. Maybe not the same taste skorppio is more grape like but simular kind of sweetness to the taste made me think about that one. This for me defenitly is a kind of vodka you don't want to mix in with anythink. The taste is so sweet, you will like to only drink it in shots. Although the skorpion in the bottle is a very nice feature, this vodka definitly stands out for more then that alone. They even say the scorpion is edible. I don't know if I wanna do that. but for sure I like this vodka Alot.
Reviewer: philip

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