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Khortytsa Platinum

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Most popular new vodka in Ukraine now (Feb 2007). Comes from Cossack territory - Zaporozhskaya Oblast. Smooth.
Reviewer: weary dunlop

This is one of the best horilkas you will ever taste. It's too bad it is virtually unknown in the US. The Ukrainians make some of the very finest Horilka in the world. By the way, I'll give you one guess where the Russians get the WHEAT to make theirs! Has anyone heard of Nemiroff, Dikanka, or Khortytsa? Boodmo!!!!!
Reviewer: Stepan Makitra

smooth, very smooth and clean with lots of pleasant attributes of limestone combined with a hint of lemon. Just exquisite and one of the finest vodkas I have tasted! I will have to pick up a case of this stuff before the vintage section of the LCBO store runs out. Reminds me of Belvedere a bit but still more refined and better finish.
Reviewer: Alex T

We drink lots of vodka in my house, and more importantly MANY different vodkas. Khortytsa platinum is not the one I tried, as I tried one brought from Ukraine and it was "khortytsa premium", but it was by far the best vodka we've had in several years in my house (out of probably 20 different top shelf vodkas from Russia and Ukraine - not sold in the US).
Reviewer: Kelly Leahy

This i a very smooth and very tasty vodka. It is great straight or mixed in drinks. I get mine straight from the ukraine and i put it up there with belvedere and grey goose. It is my favorite vodka. A must try for any vodka lover.
Reviewer: Louie

Have to agree, Khortytsa Platinum is one of the best and my current favorite. Smooth with clean character and a hint of oats. Makes an excellent martini or drunk straight. Don't waste it in a mixer.
Reviewer: Mark

Smooth and flavorful. For the price ($10 750ml) you just can't beat it.
Reviewer: Chrostopher

In a nutshell, Khortytsa Platinum is what all those so-called top shelf vodkas wish they could be. Similar to Chopin in taste and smoothness, but it's even better because the ethanol burn is weaker and the taste is ever so slightly superior. It goes down like cold water and is a very pleasant vodka to drink. Go get it! Just make sure you keep an extra bottle around, because I guarantee that you'll finish them quite quickly.
Reviewer: Aiden

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