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Crystal Palace

Exactly what Jon T said
Reviewer: Jake D. | Review this vodka

Crystal Palace

When I think of Crystal Palace, the word that comes to the forefront of my mind is "majestic." This delectable nectar single-handedly aided my fight against COVID-19; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Crystal Palace isn't only an intoxicant, it's an expedition of the five senses, allowing the drinker a total-body experience of refinement. Crystal Palace truly is a celebration of the finer things in life, with every shot allowing you to unlock the hidden ebullience within your psyche. Lastly, my peers and I will attest to the fact that this beverage is a staple within our memories, a tool utilized during uncertain times in order to absolutely maximize the enjoyment and exuberance of the occasions presented to us.
Reviewer: Jon T | Review this vodka


Popov is good vodka for a great price. In blind tasting at my house, it came out on top against vodkas costing 3 times as much. People were blown away when they found out what they had tasted and rated so highly.
Reviewer: Taun Aengus | Review this vodka

Russian Prince

Unfortunately this Vodka has a really messed taste. Sweet/Sour at the same time. Depends on what you mix it with. Gave me like a rotten banana taste.
Reviewer: Tara | Review this vodka

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is the kind of booze that if you find yourself drinking it...you have found rock bottom. It tastes and smells like you are trying to swipe fuel from your neighbors car. Don't do it.
Reviewer: Michael | Review this vodka

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