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Alberta Pure Vodka

AB vodka is well below it's given price point, and should be priced a bit higher for the quality. It's a smooth, robust vodka that has no "nail polish remover" odor as mentioned by some commenters. A mild distinctive, yet non-invasive profile that pleases the tongue, (and the tummy when it doesn't burn on the way down). This is the smoothest vodka for it's price range, and as a seasoned vodka drinker, I can assure it it is well worth the low price point and cheesy corporate branding.
Reviewer: Jason | Review this vodka


I see, that many people around the world give different ratings to this vodka. Maybe just Stoli is different in different countries. But I live, where it's homeland is - in Latvia and I can say that this vodka here isn't the worst, but it is faaar from the best. 4 - For mixing in cocktails in proportion 1/4 to other ingredients . 3 - For drinking it clean(better not) I'd recommend to freeze it a bit. And I know a legend which says, that this vodka is made from bad quality alcohol. However, that cannot be that bad. I had this vodka many times and still alive and not blind, but had a slight headache in the morning
Reviewer: Arthur | Review this vodka

Nue Vodka

I love this vodka. It has passed taste tests against all of the other corn based vodkas that we have put it up to. COMPLAINT: They have recently switched to a different bottle and cap style and they are both a FAIL. The cork type top is very hard to get out, there isn't a plastic thing on top of the bottle that controls the pour and, not the biggest deal, but the handle is not as user friendly. So, I have been pouring the vodka into an old style NUE bottle for easier use...may switch back to another USA corn based Vodka.
Reviewer: Dee | Review this vodka

V-One Vodka

Made from the ancient grain, Spelt, this vodka is super smooth while retaining it's own character. Delicious Vodka. My favorite!
Reviewer: Torrey | Review this vodka


I think half the reviewers were snockered when they gave reviews. Rated it one star and then raved about it. I prefer this over Titos 2 to 1. Fantastic!!!!!
Reviewer: Nate | Review this vodka

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The Little Water of Life
The Little Water of Life

Many nations of the world have a singular drink that they have come to be identified with and that has come to be identified with them. For Russians (and Poles, Belarusans, Finns and Ukrainians), it is vodka.

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Vodka on the Zakuska Table

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Darra Goldstein
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Vodka: The Miracle Drug
Vodka: The Miracle Drug

Sure, vodka is great to drink. But did you know it also has myriad medicinal, home-improvement and cleaning uses?

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