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Wow, I've just submitted some comments on Luksusowa, then decided to see if anyone had reviewed the Finnish vodka Koskenkorva. Seems I'm the first. Unfortunately, I only have it when my friend's wife brings some back from Finland. I don't know if it is expensive, but it is an superior and exquisite vodka and I highly recommend it. Check it out and let me know what you think! Wish I could find it here (NJ-US). Cheers... Gary
Reviewer: Gary C.

The price is dropping from 14 euros to 9 because of the tax cut.
Reviewer: Pentti Salminen

i think this is a great vodka ... after sobieski i mostly like koskenkorva
Reviewer: csf_da

The smoothest vodka I know. Made with water so pure it doesn't need to be chemically cleaned and with alcohol so pure it doesn't need to be charcoal filtered, it's pretty much the definition of the word "vodka" in my opinion: alcohol and water and nothing else.
Reviewer: Thewoodenleg

Smooth and bright vodka, that makes for a great VodkaRussian-drink too!
Reviewer: Matti Ollila

Yes, this is an ultra smooth vodka best enjoyed straight or with a bit of ice. It is so gentle that it almost disappears in a martini - overwhelmed by the vermouth and olive.
Reviewer: Mark

I find the suggested cocktail recipe to be very elaborate. If you're spending $25 on vodka, you're not going to have Mandarin Liquour. Very poor marketing.
Reviewer: Kraz Nov

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