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A great vodka! Incredibly smooth but not lacking character.
Reviewer: Steve

My new favorite vodka, after taste-testing it against Grey Goose and Ketel One! Makes the best Martinis!
Reviewer: Gena Curtis

This is by far the best vodka I have ever tasted. It is so smooth, it is akin to water. The only drawback to this is that you can end up drinking way too much of it if you are not careful because it is THAT good.
Reviewer: Charlotte

I might just have to retaste this vodka after reading the good reviews but when i tried it i thought it was horrible. I was drinking Fris first then i got all drunk and went to the store and bought this shit and yuck. i usually drink my vodka on the rocks but i had to mix it to get rid of the harsh burn. Vodka is weird about some companies selling these high dollar fancy vodkas that really are shitty vodka in a high dollar bottle and i hate that. So i despised level.
Reviewer: Glenn

Level is a fantastic vodka. It's unbelievable to think that this comes from the same people that make Absolut. Absolut is good for medicinal purposes only (like cleaning lint out of my bellybutton). Level has a unique smoothness; like glass. It also has a deliciously creamy texture. Pour it on some ice, toss a twist of lemon it and wonder where your $30 bottle of vodka went. Worth every penny.
Reviewer: Level Lover

Smooth, sweet taste. No burn. Hard to believe it's made by Absolut.
Reviewer: Josh

I was disappointed in this one. I felt it was not as good as it's hype boasted it to be. It seemed to be a perfectly middle of the road vodka with no interesting characteristics what so ever. I would buy several other brands before spending the money on this one!
Reviewer: Chris Y.

I agree with Chris Y. This is a good vodka, but not worth the price. I would't say it is bad, but it isn't as smooth as I would like.
Reviewer: Gavin

I recently bought a bottle wanting to try something new. I usually buy Skyy or Findlandia. I really enjoyed it and will put it on the rotation list.
Reviewer: Kafer

Drinkable with a burn but, why bother?
Reviewer: BCS

This is the finest vodka I have ever enjoyed at any price. For me it's the new standard by which all others must be judged. The clarity is amazing and the smoothness is a joy. Makes the perfect martini.
Reviewer: Allan Swartz

This is the purest vodka I have ever tasted. A five star product to be sure. Makes a wonderful martini.
Reviewer: Allan Swartz

i feel as though i have found my grail. what a fantastic vodka this is. there is almost a hint of citrus falvour that just adds to its smoothness. it also makes an excellent dirty martini.
Reviewer: justin

Verrry good stuff. Made by the Absolut folks and you can tell. Pricey, though.
Reviewer: TAA

I first tested Level at a supermarket. So sue me. It has a much more complex flavor than other vodkas--it wasn't candy-sweet like gray goose, but it didn't have the turpentine of Popov either. It was sharp, but it didn't make me wretch. At Russian House at Grinnell College, we've ranked Level as a favorite for years, always turning to it as something that feels familiar, but makes us think.
Reviewer: Sarah

This is the best vodka I've ever tasted...flavorful and smooth with great aftertaste. Tried it neat side-by-side with Belvedere and preferred level. Very smooth mouthfeel.
Reviewer: Brad

Awesome smooth flavor that's worth trying.
Reviewer: susan

Pretty good, but far from fantastic. Hard to believe made by Absolute. I wonder why the big difference in profile? Anyhow, this is good for mixing, otherwise on the rocks move on!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Level is one of the most refined vodkas to be offered from Sweden. This version from Absolut is smooth enough to make my Whiskey lover friends think twice about a beautiful clear liquid. Features seen in high end whiskey are experienced from Level. Belveder Intense is close, almost
Reviewer: Raymundo

Our stores have delisted this product, so i was able to pick it up for $31 CDN. not a bad price. the bottle is attractive, eqaul to that of all the other 'premium' brands. onto the important part, i prefer just drinking my vodka straight out of the freezer or poured over rocks at room temp... this vodka disapointed, it has a harsh burn for it's original price point and lacks the flavor profile i prefer. it compares well with $25-30 brands. that's why it's a 4, i got it "cheap" so it's not so bad, it'd have been a 3 if i paid full pop. i'd still much prefer a shot of stoli gold or russian standard over this though.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

This vodka is smooth down the throat, but attacks your tongue with a serious bitterness. Flavor is very similar to Absolut. It's not bad, definitely better than most of the mid-shelf vodkas, but for $32 (Virginia) it really doesn't live up to it's price tag.
Reviewer: ultrasonoro

Not super smooth, a bit off balance. Heavy bitterness. I've had this a lot of times (it was my go-to instead of Grey Goose before I was educated on vodka) but for $32-34/750ml there are many better options.
Reviewer: Tom

I once asked a Russian friend of mine who was raised in Moscow before coming to America, "What vodka do Russians drink?" He said, "Anyone with class drinks Absolute, anyone else will drink turpentine." I just finished my first bottle of Level, and I've tried them all, from Belvedere to Stoli. Level is the finest smoothest Vodka with character and my new permanent Vodka of choice forever.
Reviewer: JP Martin

Don't know what vodka the people were drinking that said it "burned"? Just as smooth as Goose, but much more flavorful. My new favorite vodka, neat or on the rocks.
Reviewer: Dr Bob

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