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Definitly Better than Vox, Belvedere or Grey Goose... A True VOdka
Reviewer: Gene

Hey guys, This is it! Just when I thought Chopin, Luksusowa and Vikingfliord were the best. Monopolowa vodka is way too good. It's like the Tiger Woods of Vodkas! So smooth and yet so inexpensive also. I am an expert on vodkas, you will not be dissapointed.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

at first glance, simply a inexpensive potato vodka from austria. once you crack the cap however,its a totally different story. a medium bodied vodka with a very soft, sweet palette. also mineral flavors with a faint citrus background. excelent! very good with a salty snack.
Reviewer: jake smith

I am not a vodka expert, and indeed I have not tried many of the expensive brands. I have tried several Russian, Belarussian, Polish and Austrian vodkas, and I find myself buying Monopolowa over and over again. Economy is an issue for me; I can buy 1.75L of Monopolowa for $20 and I can honestly say it tastes wonderful with a complex flavor and no bitterness. I challenge anyone to find a comparable quality at this price.
Reviewer: Dave Marshall

I've triend a number of different grain vodkas over the years and had been told I should try a potato vodka. I asked the owner of my favorite liquor store, and he recommended Monopolowa. I hesitated over the Austrian manufacture and the soviet-basic-looking label (compared to the "luxury" looking Chopin) but don't be deceived, this is VERY good vodka. I'll never buy grain vodka again. Smooth, creamy with the tiniest hint of sweetness from the potatoes.
Reviewer: brendan_hodge@dell.com

This is now my "house label". I absolutely love this vodka, as its by far the least expensive potato vodka I can find. I highly recommend to everyone.
Reviewer: RGarbo

Absolutely my favorite. It was recommended by a spirits retailer, saying he could drink a LOT of it with no ill effects the next morning. I find this is pretty much true. It's velvety smooth, light bite, good chilled, mixed, or room temp. For the price, you can't ask for anything better.
Reviewer: Brandy Alexandre

I just can't get the past the overwhelming antiseptic odor and taste of the bottle of Monopolowa I just bought. This was a potato vodka from Austria, and I have had Luksusowa from Poland which I find quite drinkable and decent, so it is not the potato base.
Reviewer: Rob

I like the smoothness and flavor of this vodka. The price is certainly enticing. Compares favorably to Chopin for less than 1/2 the price. I do however consider Belevedere a different taste alltogether. Like them both!!
Reviewer: Steven

I love this vodka. Its is especially good cold and thick out of the freezer. It feels like such a waste to mix it. I rather drink it straight and use the other more expensive vodkas for mixing.
Reviewer: CJ

In teh past seven years, I have had o issues with this product, or the consistency. While I did mention it to some people who became hard liquor drinkers, they would drink it but not buy it due to its price point. Unless they we're pouring at my house, they did not know it was Mono. In fact, I have had Dallas cowboys season tickets from 2002-06 and in the Stadium Club and corral, this is the house vodka. When Bloody Marys are mixed my freinds loved it. Totally undervalued. I moved to CA in January it outside of BevMo, it is hard for me to find.my primary value, with Svedka second , then I just go buy Stoli!
Reviewer: Damien

Yuk!! Weird taste and got a headache from this stuff. Would not buy it again.
Reviewer: BCS

Hmm, I found this to taste like paste when had straight up. Much better in mixed drinks, it seems to help pull out the flavor from things added to it. NOT recommended for tasting on its own.
Reviewer: Paige

My favorite along with Viking Fjord. It seems to thicken a bit more in the freezer which makes for a great smoothie. Just a luxurious vodka at a great price. Perhaps there is a certain type of drinker that prefers potato based vodkas. They seem to have a different texture and taste that I find to be more enjoyable than the grain based vodkas regardless of price. This is one of the best, made by a company with a long history of vodka production.
Reviewer: The baron

Tried this brand tonight for the first time. I must say, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I normally drink Stoli's or Smirnoff, but for the price of this one, I may just switch over. Waaaay smooth.
Reviewer: M. Satterwhite

Nicest texture of any vodka, with a smooth, slightly sweet taste. I keep a bottle in the freezer for drinking neat.
Reviewer: blueshoe

Out of all the vodkas I've sipped this is easily my favorite in it's price range. I find it very smooth with subtle flavors. Mildly sweet.
Reviewer: Derek

Due to my gluten-intolerance (Celiac Disease), I am unable to drink grain-based alcohol. As a result, I had been drinking wine and tequila-based drinks for years. However, a friend turned me on to Martinis made with Monopolowa, and I fell in love. The vodka is extremely smooth, and has a wonderful taste. Two thumbs up!
Reviewer: Brutha V

One of my all time favorites. I sip it straight at room temp. out of a coffee cup! I deeply enjoy it's complexity and sweetness. Not to be shot back, but savored. I never got a hangover from it, but I drink for the taste and not simply to get wasted.
Reviewer: Hillary

taste like water. I did a experiment and left some in a cup (expose to the air) for three days then tasted it, I'm am not for sure, but it seemed to turn into water , also I never got a buzz.
Reviewer: Victor McBrooks

Monopolowa is my go to vodka. Beats Stoli's and costs much less. I only drink vodka straight, on the rocks, or occasionally as a dry martini, and monopolowa tastes great all 3 ways. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Jayson

This potato vodka is rounder than grain vodka and it is a staple in my freezer. Smooth with a softer, less aggressive buzz over its grain cousin.
Reviewer: Gerv

I drank nearly a liter of the stuff (boo to turning 30), and while I do have a hangover it's really not too bad. With other vodkas I would be quite ill I have no doubt. It gets a thumbs up
Reviewer: 3SheetstoCalifornia

Tried it on Super Bowl night, excellent!!!
Reviewer: KLR

Monopolowa is my favorite vodka. Goes down smooth, burns minimally, and has a bittersweet aftertaste that I can't get enough of. When I first saw Monopolowa on the shelf, I almost didn't buy it. I thought the price was too good to be true, especially for a potato vodka. But thankfully I decided to gamble and wound up discovering my favorite vodka, potato or otherwise. I highly recommend Monopolowa to all lovers of good vodka. It's delicious, smooth and easy on the pocketbook. A real winner.
Reviewer: Chris Robinson

My main alcoholic beverage. I have spent many nights splitting a fifth of Monopolowa with a friend. I have known people who cannot drink any liquor straight that can drink this. Get a high quality orange juice for the best screwdriver ever. However, this drink is best chilled and straight. My favorite of any liquor - and very cheap.
Reviewer: QWE

I was turned on to Monopolowa 12 years ago from a friend who worked in a liquor store and I have been in love with this vodka ever since. The taste and the smoothness of this vodka out of the freezer is by far my all time favorite for the price. Other than that I drink Chopin on special occasions but it is the best potato vodka for the money I have ever had. Enough Said! LOL
Reviewer: Steve

One of the smoothest and least expensive vodkas I've ever tasted. I suspect that the ingredients and the distilling process must be fairly pure. One night, my girlfriend and I ended up drinking an ENTIRE 1.75ml bottle of Monopolowa, only got 5 hours of sleep, yet had NO HANGOVER, whatsoever! I can also drink an ice-cold shot right before bed and wake up with a clean, non-boozy mouth. I've never experienced this with any other vodka or liquor.
Reviewer: Hoey

Best value in a potato vodka!
Reviewer: Bear

I was looking for a good potato based vodka at the liquor store, when I saw the unassuming blue and white label plus the reasonable price tag and decided to give it a shot. It has become my go-to vodka, from shots to bloody mary's to vodka tonics. I have even turned my family on to it.
Reviewer: Christi

Reviewer: Gary loch

Extremely smooth and tasty! All my buddies think it's expensive vodka because of the taste. Highly recommend it.
Reviewer: J.A. Rivera

A true sipping vodka. I grew up taking shots of vodka with the only quality qualifier being how little it tasted like rubbing alcohol. Monopolowa changed my perspective. Let's start at price. Who isn't looking for cost efficiency? Cheap as hell for 9/10 quality. Flavor? Smoooth. spicy/creamy banana. hints of spice. amazing for sipping. Not at all obtrusive for mixers, but sublime for on the rocks sippins. Was looking for others reviews on my new fave,signed up and the whole 9. Just so I could rave about the quality. If you're iffy on this Austrian treat, just get a 7$ pint and put it on the rocks man. You don't like it. Get a pallette man.
Reviewer: Dr CocktoVonPuss

Another inexpensive potato vodka that is good for sipping or mixing. I hesitated to buy this because the label makes it look like generic vodka. However, the store clerk promised I would like it or my money would be refunded. I consistently drank Mani until switching over to Luksusowa.
Reviewer: Carol

This vodka smells and tastes like rubbing alcohol It is not good chilled .A below average vodka.
Reviewer: Gary

very soft, full and sweet. btw i am not a 'drinker" generally stick to wine and craft beer to avoid the wicked 3 day hangovers i get from hard liquor. . this vodka is the exception. great value
Reviewer: carre

I love vodka, but this one is so smooth! I'll be buying this brand for a long time
Reviewer: Mimi

Great vodka Very smooth, dfenitely buying again
Reviewer: Mimi

Best Vodka ever Blows Tito's away and that was my favorite until now.
Reviewer: SkirtCrash

Strong order, poor taste and terribly over priced!
Reviewer: Nancy Stuckey

This is the best Vodka I have ever tasted.
Reviewer: Sam Georgeson

Tried Monopolowa for the first time the other day and was pleasantly surprised. 10/10!
Reviewer: Rick Houston

great vodka, very smooth with very little peppery spice. pure potato based vodka.highly recommend!
Reviewer: Diego

Normally I only drink Stoli, so when I was gifted a bottle of Monopolowa I was skeptical at first. While not as good as Stoli, it is comparable. Definitely would drink again.
Reviewer: Ray Osborne

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