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Reviewer: Timppa

Even though it is sually overshadowed by its sister, Stolichnaya, Moskovskaya is still THE Russian vodka. And this is so because (1) it is made of rye, the most traditional vodka ingredient in Russia and Poland (see Wyborowa), without added spices, and (2) it is still made in accordance with the recommendations coming from the great Mendeleyev (the "Moscovite standard"). Moskovskaya's sweetness is genuine, not, like is the case with Stoli, due to the added sugar (oh, yes ... the famous Stoli, being made of wheat, needs some extra sugar). A remarcable, traditional Russian vodka. The real stuff.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

After a recent trip to Moscow, conducted a taste test with Moskovskaya Crystall, Russian Standard Platinum, Absolut and Grey Goose. Moskovskaya and Russian Standart came in a close #1 & #2, respectively. Both have a sweet bouquet, excellent taste and smooth finish, no burn...and no hangover. Absolut and Grey Goose were #3 and #4, repsectively, both having much less smooth taste and "burning" finish. Many friends in Russia also recommend either Mosko Crystall or Russian Standard as "best" Russian Vodka
Reviewer: Tim

Very nice vodka- fair price. More chahacter then Absolut- less biting. Classy. Not totally neutral as many domestic vodka's are- has a nice warm, but smooth taste- with a bit of flair, as is typical of eastern european vodka's can be.
Reviewer: Peter

Excellent from the freezer. My pick over Stoli. Bottle design is not flashy, yet its quiet, straight to the point dignity is very appealing - gotta love that off-green label.
Reviewer: Pavlo

We had a taste test of Crystal, Stoli, Moskovskaya, Blue Ice, Skyy, Ketel One, and a few others. Moskovskaya is up there with the best. And the price at Trader Joe's makes it a big sleeper.
Reviewer: DaIsh

Excellent vodka, not my absolute favourite, but still right up there. It's got a smooth, almost sweet, but still neutral taste, with none of the harshness you find in many bad vodkas. Considering the rather low price, it's excellente value for money - highly recommended!
Reviewer: Julian

I love this stuff, but trader joe's stopped carrying it! Does anyone know of a place that sells it?
Reviewer: James

A very good vodka for the price (TJ's $7.99/L)... very refined, slightly sweet, clean finish. I'll find out about the possibility of a hangover tomorrow hah (drink plenty of water!). There is still plenty stocked Moskovskaya at the TJs in Vegas (Decatur).
Reviewer: Chris Smith

If you live in Minneapolis, MN, you can find Moskovskaya at Surdy's in the $12 range. Thumbs up.
Reviewer: plaidBeard

Picked up a bottle on a recent visit to Budapest and enjoyed it riding a boat down the Danube!
Reviewer: Mike

Warm nose, bright palate of orange zest, warm grain and slight hint of whole pepper, sweet, medium finish. This review would be in place of my other one for Moskovskaya. I believe I have made an error, and had written of the wrong make last time. This one is quite exceptional for it's price !
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

much similar to the black stalion available here. it's got a bit and is unappologetic which i like. there's actually taste here at a very low price.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

One of the world's best vodkas. Definitely recommended after each drink eat bread with in red peppers pickled Pig Jowls. Its great!!!!
Reviewer: Michal

For me this is my favorite basic vodka. You can't go wrong with some moskovskaya I think
Reviewer: philip

And old classic, a true classic that will never go out of style. It's art in a bottle, smooth taste and low burn, I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Arriflex

I gust open one botle of votka faund in the atic it is from 1983 . Beautiful flavor .It pups up like shampain .
Reviewer: alex

The best rye vodka in the world and at a great price.This is my favorite Russian vodka.Great chilled straight, or mixed.
Reviewer: Gary

Among all the Vodka I've tried this is by far the best tasted Vodka.
Reviewer: Charles

i've told others about Moskovskaya with little response until an open house party that we did taste testing, my reputation is intact, without doubt Moskovskaya was the clear winner! Cheers.
Reviewer: Gary

I rarely drink alcohol! But after tasting Moskovskaya vodka I always have a bottle in the fridge. Great liquor store nearby! I was first intrigued by the fact that it comes from Lithuania, my father's birthplace. Since the first bottle, I am never without a bottle in the house. I truly enjoy it!! Not often! Maybe three or four evenings a week I will have a 6 oz. glass of this wonderful vodka. All my wonderful neighbors got a bottle from me for Christmas!!
Reviewer: Bill Perry

I spent 9 months in the former Soviet Union in the 80's. Tried way too many vodkas. This was my favorite and just started selling in NH @$7.99 for 750ml. I am a happy camper. Extremely smooth.
Reviewer: Brink

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