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Youri Dolgoruki

Reviews to date: 24Average score: 5
Country: RussiaDistilled from: WheatCompany: Kristall (Sobieski)
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Nothing comes close to this vodka. It's not easy to find but when you do... It's extremely smooth and has a very clean taste and aroma. You'll love the silky mouthfeel and it has a very nice aftertaste. Makes you want to drink more. Nothing I've had so far compares to it and I've had a LOT of vodka. I drink it straight. I save the Ketel One for mixed drinks now. Added bonus: my wife loves the bottle. I'm her helping build a collection.
Reviewer: Caleb Villeda

I love Grey Goose but hands down, this is the best Vodka I have had. It is smooth with no harsh after taste. I first tried it in a Martini and thought the bartender put water in the glass. Straight up is wonderful and the only way to really enjoy it!
Reviewer: Chris

Simply incredible. No other words needed!!
Reviewer: 740miami

YD is the most superior vodka that my taste buds have ever experienced. I was first introduced to this heavenly vodka at The Red Square Vodka Bar located in Las Vegas. I enjoy YD served straight in a frozen shot glass or in a slightly dirty martini. There's absolutely no going back to any other vodka after you have consumed YD. It will definitely be a great new year now that YD is in my freezer! Enjoy!
Reviewer: Shannon Bruce

I love this vodka- named after the mayor of Moscow for their 850th anniversary. while somewhat expensive (even in russia), it's amazingly smooth with almost no taste whatsoever. I always bring back as many bottles as possible, but they always run out too fast!
Reviewer: Nikolai Kostokov

The smoothest, most drinkable, pure vodka I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Recommended to me by a true Russian, I'll never drink anything else in my Martini. Nice decorative bottle, but the collection is growing! LOL
Reviewer: Joe Pidoto

I too savored this vodka for the first time at the Red Square Bar at Mandalay Bay. I thought it was especially smooth in my Vodka Martini. I asked the bartender for a great russian vodka and out of the fantastic selection (and this bar has tons) he gave me YD. Great choice...Hope I can find it at home.
Reviewer: Doug

I was lucky enough to have this Vodka at the Red Square in Las Vegas NV; it is the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted. Somewhat hard to find but well worth the effort. Smooth and no burn.
Reviewer: Jason Leaeno

I am Russian myself, and yet I have always gone with Polish vodkas especially Chopin & Ultimat, however I have to say that YD is now in my freezer. It is smooth, clean, with absolutely no harsh aftertaste. I agree that it can be pretty hard to locate, but it is now available here in Colorado and hopefully is here to stay.
Reviewer: Arsen Rymko

I love vodka and YD is the best my wife and I have ever had........
Reviewer: Alan Barnes

Ah, but YD is available in the U.S., by the same Russians who turned us on to it. Tony and Bella are some of the nicest folks we have met. They ship YD and all their "hard to find" delicasies all over the country! Lucky for me, they are only a 10 minute drive, very nice folks and know their stuff! Find them at the following http://www.winegivers.com/ Get YD and more. Let them know Allison and Joey sent you! Na Zdorovye!
Reviewer: Allison Pidoto

Wow, Red Square must be the only place to find this Vodka. I had my first taste here too. I'm new to drinking Vodka, but can honestly say this is the best I have tasted.
Reviewer: Todd

ive had a lot of brands. this is my favorite.
Reviewer: Micah Perfetto

Many thanks to Moscow on the Hill in St. Paul, MN for keeping this on the menu. A truly fine Russian vodka, one of the best I've tasted. Silky, smooth chilled shots. Should you choose the martini route, please don't disrespect this clean profile with vermouth.
Reviewer: Jay Klaus

My glass always seemed to be empty. It must have been that good!!
Reviewer: BCS

An excellent vodka, very smooth, with very little taste. This is my second choice after Level.
Reviewer: Allan Swartz

Out of all the vodkas that I have tasted this is by far the best of the best.I first found this treasure in Brighton Beach,NY the woman who suggested that if I enjoyed vodka I had to try YD, am I ever thankful. My only complaint is that it is a difficult find, even in NYC. I am fortunate to have family that I visit in NYC and I found it at Park Avenue Liquors,otherwise you have to schlep out to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.Sadly I haved found no place in Ohio that carries it, it is a hidden gem,the taste is smooth and clean how a vodka should be.
Reviewer: Christie A.Cowen

this vodka is amazing. very smooth with a small bite. tastes exactly like good russian vodka is supposed to taste like. similar to Zyr and Christiania.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Reviewer: Jim

Sharp, medicinal charcoal nose, rough toasted wheat, thyme, and olive body, slightly sour, medium finish. Honestly, as much as I wish to give a premium Russian (part of my heritage) vodka a good review, in this case I'm unable to muster it. Comes off as a filtered version of entry level brands, with slightly less refined tasting notes. Not awful, just expected more for the price. Bottle is a pleasant distraction, well designed, but not worth the extra money.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

The nose has a real sense of place: fresh and glacial, creamy, wet stone character. Silky on the palate with a slow attack of creamy, toasty, doughy flavors that I would normally associate with vintage champagne. Caressing finish. Best vodka I have tried and a real shame it is no longer around.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Tried this last month. Smooth but not in my top 10 taste wise. I would not buy it again. Will stick with Wyborowa ,Chopin and Russian Standard.
Reviewer: Steve

Very well made, clean simple vodka. It's not a "knockout" but goes down smooth, well balanced, and makes a fine martini. Reminds me of Koskenkorva but a bit more grainy. And it's reasonably priced, at least in my region.
Reviewer: Mark

Number #1 vodka ever. Not sure if because I'm from the Ukraine is why I enjoy it so much but it has the ability to deceive the drinker into not being able to know the bottle is almost finished ...:).
Reviewer: r.puloski

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