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Decent nose. Flavor very good, but mellow. A nice boring-tasting vodka. Finish tastes very bad, and quite agressive, to contrast the mellow, pleasant flavor. OK as long as you keep drinking. Good value for the price.
Reviewer: Tyler Sable

Ukrayinskaya horylka
Reviewer: Nemiroff fan

very smooth
Reviewer: R. Buckles

Good initial taste upfront, decently smooth, but it's aftertaste bitterness keeps this from 5 stars.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Smells, clean, crisp, and utterly neutral, and pours lightly as well with just a few stray droplets. The taste is wonderful - spicy up front, with next to no burn whatsoever on the tongue and a cool, gelatin finish on the tongue. However, this vodka is ANGRY on the way down - I feel like my stomach is being squeezed! It's a harsh, heartburn-like sensation that I usually only get from homemade moonshine (horilka/grzałka), or from drinking on a totally empty stomach. I had a light dinner, but perhaps you should only drink this later and/or when you've already had at least 6 varenyky! This is absurdly delicious, but it is also astoundingly strong - for vodka lovers only! I'd give it 5 stars for flavor, but it's so difficult going down that I can only recommend it to other Slavs or to those who like their alcohol rough. Nie jest wódka - jest grzałka!
Reviewer: Sam W.

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