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Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka

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I did a taste test of PeureuxPerfect 1864 Vodka against another one that you read about as being smoothest.I am not sure if I should mention the other because it is not favorable. It was at room temperature as it should be and I wanted it to be a blind test so I did not know until after I chose which I thought was smoother.It went down smooth while the other had a distinct lingering effect that is the same as what causes the sort of face as when medicine is going down.The Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka did not have the annoying lingering taste. It was truly smooth. It is one vodka that is wonderful in a Martini or on ice.I found out later that the competitor uses mint oil to smooth it out rather than stand on its own merits and purity. I also found out from your site where you listed vodka brands, it is "the only vodka in the world to require certification of origin and quality of each ingredient. These certificates are provided with every batch number produced." So I am sort of becoming a vodka snob as I am educating myself about the differences of purity. I suppose the certificate of origin makes it sort of the haute couture of vodkas.I was inspired to find out more so I came across your site.I also found a story in the Economic Times in my internet travels today that you just have to see. It is too long for this post to explain but the headline said "Peureux Perfect Vodka, A New Mantra For Romance." It is a fabulous bit of reporting and as a Vodka Afficianado, I think you will get a kick out of it as i did. Warm Regards, Diane
Reviewer: Diane

The purest, smoothest vodka I ever had.......and.......I am a vodka drinker. This is the best without a doubt.
Reviewer: Frank McCann

"The Smoothest Vodka on Earth" When they say this, they mean it. I have tried my fair share of vodkas and this one beats the rest! Its a 5 times distilled wheat vodka and I can't egt enough!
Reviewer: Alex Parmithiotti

Wow! This vodka is great!
Reviewer: Sara

The name speaks for itself. I am truely a Vodka drinker and have been easily for 30 years. I continue to try others, but have yet to excite me for smooth taste and quality as Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka does! I highly recommend this vodka to everyone and even non-vodka drinkers! No one has yet been disappointed.
Reviewer: Troy "Smooth Morrison

Perfect Vodka truly lives up to its name. simply the smoothest vodka I have ever experienced! I read that it is gluten and GMO free!! I am looking to buy as much as I can, since it's high demand makes it a tough find!
Reviewer: doug d. clark

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